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  Worren Booth (562) 425-1281 ex: 3382 3382 - Activities Specialist
  Diane Green ex: 3126 ASB Banker
  Ron Mahan ex: 3140 Stage Technology Instructor
  Alex Quintana (562) 425-1281 ex: 3180 3180 - Activities Secretary

About ASB

You are already a member of the Lakewood High

Associated Student body (ASB)       

The Associated Student Body is an organization composed of all students currently enrolled and attending LakewoodHigh School. This student organization has been given the responsibility by the Board of Education to govern and assist all campus clubs, athletic teams and other student organizations. The ASB sponsors over 100 activities (assemblies, dances, rallies, noon time activities, etc.), operates a student store (to raise funds for activities), a banker’s office (to spend funds on activities), represents student interests on various faculty and administrative committees at the school and district levels, and conducts its business in the activities center. The ASB is self-sufficient — it does not receive district or tax-payer funds to operate. The ASB has an activities director (Mr. Worren Booth), secretary (Ms. Alex Quintana, ext. 3180), banker (Ms. Green, ext. 3126) and student store manager (Ms. Petruzzelli, ext. 3292) to assist your elected officers. The ASB Constitution gives your elected student leaders the privilege to represent you and make decisions that affect all students on a daily basis.  

Power of Authority of The ASB can be found in detail in the Activities Office.  

Suggestions, Comments or Complaints?          Fax: 562-496-4593     

Student Government officers meet almost daily in the Activities Office to plan activities, motivate and reward students, and solve problems. If you have any suggestions, comments or complaints regarding activities, please direct them to the appropriate ASB Officer ultimately responsible for the particular program by visiting the ActivitiesCenter (room 643) and leaving a message or addressing executive officers or student council directly.    

ASB Banker's Office    ext. 3126     

All ASB events, products (except food) and services are sold out of the banker’s office. You may purchase activity stickers, football tickets, yearbooks, winter formal bids, panorama picture, cap gown, musical tickets and numerous other items from the banker’s office.  

Hours of Operation:     

Before school (8:25 a.m. - 8:43 a.m.), During nutrition (10:16 a.m. – 10:24 a.m.),     

 Lunch (11:57 a.m. – 12:32 p.m.), and After school (3:35 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.).  

You Must Show Your Current School I.D. For Goods Services

Cash or Money Order ONLY. No checks are accepted.  

ASB Student Store          

Enjoy a large selection of food, beverage, and spirit items. Remember, you benefit the ASB every time you purchase from the Student Store.

Hours of Operation:      

Before school (8:30 a.m. - 8:43 a.m.), During nutrition (10:16 a.m. – 10:24 a.m.),     

and Lunch (11:57 p.m. – 12:32 p.m.)


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