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Complaint Procedures Guidelines

  1. Parent meets with teacher to discuss concerns. If concerns are unresolved continue to #2.
  2. If issue or concern is behavioral or attitudinal, parent will meet with grade level administrator or subject area administrator. If the issue or concern is academic the parent will meet with the student’s counselor. If the concerns are unresolved continue to #3.
  3. Parent meets with one of the co-principals to discuss unresolved matters. If unresolved continue to #4.
  4. Parent meets with High School Office to discuss concerns and/or appeal site decision.  

Every effort will be made to resolve the concerns of parents or guardians at the site or office level at the earliest possible stage. A complainant shall first seek to resolve the concern directly with the employee who is the subject of the complaint. If a complainant is unable or unwilling to resolve the complaint directly with the employee, she or he may submit an oral or written complaint to the employee’s immediate supervisor or Principal.

All complaints related to district personnel other than administrators shall be submitted in writing to the principal or immediate supervisor. Complaints related to a principal or central office administrator shall be initially filed with the Superintendent. Complaints related to the Superintendent shall be initially filed in writing with the Board.

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