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Digital Media, Arts, and Communications

Digital Media Arts and Communications

The Digital Media Arts Communication Pathway at Lakewood High School allows students to explore Film, Graphic Design, Photography, Drama, Vocal and Instrumental Music, Dance, and Studio Arts. The mission of DMAC is to increase students’ creativity and fearlessness by immersing them in the creative process, through rigorous and industry-approved curriculum that will prepare them for the intense demands of a career in the arts and humanities, or further work at the university level. These industries, complex-and ever-changing, demand students who can collaborate, cooperate, and think outside the box, see setbacks as opportunities, innovate change and refine ideas. All students will experience Intro to DMAC, a specifically written course for Lakewood DMAC students by Lakewood DMAC teachers to record their creative endeavors while at Lakewood High School.  DMAC is rich with Career Tech Ed classes allowing students a hands approach to learning about the Arts, Media and Entertainment industry sector.  Graduates of the DMAC Pathway will be known for their discipline, organization, accountability, creativity and attention to detail.  Regardless of discipline, DMAC will help you get to the next level.