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Enrollment Checklist

  • Residency Verification - Bring Two of the following documents:  (These documents must include the parent/guardian name and address & within the last 30 days)

-utility bills

-lease agreement

-escrow papers

-Government correspondence

-pay stubs



  • Recent bills etc for proof of address
  • Proof of Age – Bring the original copy of any of the following documents:
    • Birth certificate
    • Baptismal certificate
    • Passport
    • Affidavit from the parent/guardian that certifies the student’s age
  • Most Recent Immunization Record -  Medically verified immunization records from health dept, school, doctor or baby book records.  Hepatitis B (3 doses), POLIO (3-4 doses), MMR (2 doses) and Varicella (2 doses) and DTap, Tdap, Td, DTP (3-4 doses), Tdap booster (1 dose).


Additional items:

  • Photo copy of the transcript or report cards from previous school(s). A current schedule of classes/withdrawal form.
  • IEP if applicable