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Grad Nite Contract

GradNite Rules

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Grad Nite

The LHS Class Of 2019 Is Going !!! Xtreme !!!


The LHS Class Of 2019 Is Going  Xtreme !!!

Celebrate your Graduation at Six Flags Magic Mountain! All night ride & dancing! All you-can-eat buffet!  Free graduation souvenir!  Free  Season Pass for the remainder of 2019!! (Good for over 180 return trips to Six Flags! *Blackout days appy) Six Flags + LHS = Xtreme Fun! GradNite tickets on sale during lunch in front of the Banker’s office. Cash or check payable to LHS GradNite). Check the bulletin/schoolloop for selling dates and prices. Buy early. *Completed/Signed contracts/Guest’s ID (copy) required at purchase.

Gradnite Ticket Sales

First Friday of the month during lunch in front of the Banker’s Office. 

GradNite tickets are ONLY sold by the GradNite Booster Club.

Jan. 11  $125.00          April 5  $125.00

Feb. 1  $125.00              May 3 $125.00

March 1 $125.00            May 23 $125.00 (Last day to make adjustments!)

June 6 $150.00 at the door (No adjustments made!!)

Cash/Check* (payable to LHS GradNite) *$25 fee NFS

No refunds

Wanted!!! Gradnite Booster Committee

Parents interested in supporting GradNite activities.  You don't have to be the parent of a Senior to get involved in the GradNite Booster Club!  Come join us! Bring a friend!  You could receive up to 4 Parent Points!


Why sit in the bleachers at Graduation?

You could sit on the Field!


GradNite Meeting Dates 2018-2019


February 12            May 14

March 12             June 3 Mandatory Meeting

April 8                June 6 GRADNITE!