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Noah: HOSA allowed me to interact and get involved with people and activities not typically available. Being a part of a medically oriented club revealed common interests among a variety of impressive people. In high school you're not always surrounded with people with similar aspirations or goals. HOSA brought me into contact with kids who were just as driven and accomplished as me, if not more. It provided humbling insight, knowing there are other kids doing the same thing as you. Being at Lakewood, your knowledge of other students typically ends at whether or not they played Lakewood in a sport or did well in CIF. Meeting like-minded kids with an interest in medicine drove me to continue pushing my self and not be satisfied. Both my parents are involved in healthcare as Physician Assistants, so I've been around health  professionals most of my life. However, I never really had an idea of what I wanted to do when I was older. HOSA helped give me an idea of the people and opportunities that will be available to me as I continue to pursue a future career in Medicine. There are so many different events and competitions available to HOSA, that I wish I had been able to be a part of it for longer than 1 year in high school. Along with providing a great experience personally, being a part of HOSA gave me opportunities to set my self apart from all the other kids applying to College, jobs and scholarships.


Sarah: I have been involved in the Laser/HOSM program for 3 years. My experience with HOSM has been a great roller coaster. I have met many new people, wonderful teachers, and experienced great field trips in which guide me to my career choice. This SLC is a great program because you meet new people, teachers will provide help for you with any problem without a second thought, and gives you a great start towards your future career in the medical field. Every year HOSM improves and grows as a bigger and better family. This program is one of a kind. We welcome anyone who would like to be apart of our Journey.