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Link Crew

LINK CREW 2021-2022


Abby Berry

Aleena, Gray

Amanda Thomas

Amaya Davis

Amber Leake

Amya Hart

Anaya Mosley

Ariana Camacho

Ashley Lacquement - AMBASSADOR

Brianna Apodaca - AMBASSADOR

Brianna Vega - AMBASSADOR

Brittany Mendoza Gordo


Daniel Nava

Danielle Beck

Delina Lontajo

Emily Medina

Fatimah Hall

Gayle Villanueva - AMBASSADOR

Ginger Grass

Ili, Marlena

Isabel Tapia - AMBASSADOR

Isrra Shhub - AMBASSADOR

Iverson Pech

Jacquelyn Granda - AMBASSADOR

Jamie Mendoza - AMBASSADOR

Janai McNeil

Jaslynn Saldaña

Jasmine Cortez

Jaylene Soto- Cortez

Jesse Lucero

Jordan Norman

Juliette Medina

Karina Martinez - AMBASSADOR

Kaydence Sagale

Kayley Miller

Kaylie Norng

Kiya Tolbert-Wyche

Krista Camarillo

Kyeon´Ti Sanford

Kytztlaly Galvan - AMBASSADOR

Lauren Baker

Leila Mills - AMBASSADOR

Leilani Palomares

Lexie Mills

Lili Leikam

Londone James

Lyzette Jimenez

Madison Agraviador

Mariah Schreiber

Mele Devoux

Micaela Lorta

Michelle Alvidrez - AMBASSADOR

Michelle Rosalez - AMBASSADOR

Millicent Hor

Ronnie Hernandez

Samaria Usher - AMBASSADOR

Serena Rodarte

Sharlene Figueroa Edeza - AMBASSADOR

Shaya Smith

Sofia Sanchez

Sreyann Khiev

Talia Lucky

Valentina Jimenez

Valerie Velasquez

Vincent Sanchez

Zackery Foote

Zahriya Hemmings

Zainab Hakeem - AMBASSADOR

Link Crew is a student centered leadership and mentoring program. The guiding principle that sustains Link Crew is that there is an invaluable and untapped resource on your campus: students. This program engages, develops and trains older students on your campus to be leaders and mentors. Link Crew leadership is about more than events; it is about helping freshmen achieve success and it is that initial success that propels freshmen toward continued success throughout high school. 

Link Crew begins with a powerful orientation day that makes freshmen excited and proud to be attending their new high school and allows them to begin developing relationships and strategies that will contribute to their high school success.

After orientation, Link Crew continues, providing a variety of both Academic and Social Follow Up Activities throughout the year. Academic Follow Ups are lessons presented by trained Link Leaders during visits to freshman classes; Social Follow Ups are events organized by your Coordinator team in which the freshmen and Leaders attend fun school sponsored social events together.

Link Crew's goal is to provide schools with a structure in which students make real connections with each other. Through this program, students learn that people at school care about them and their success. Link Crew is the high school transition program that will increase attendance, decrease discipline referrals and improve academic performance at your school.