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Young Cadet
Young man on bench
Kids in red shirts on bleachers
Two Thumbs up
Sunny Morning
Dresssed for success
Smiling faces
Team White Shirts
Proud young men with award plaques
Cadets socializing
Red shirts at an assembly
Making friends
Weird Pose on the grass
Everybody in dress uniform

Fun, fun, fun!

It's not all seriousness and hardwork...we have fun too! The cadets in NJROTC are like a big happy family and the largest club on campus.

Silly Pose
Assembly with a funny camera angle
Kids pointing off camera
Big Smiles
Group shot with campus building in the background
Foggy Day
Waiting in line
Nice Hats
Bright sunny Morning Assembly
Cadet on Track
Lots of smiles
More big smiles
Having milkshakes together
Peace Sign
Field Trip
Posing on the basketball court
Group Shot on the playgroundg
The big field trip
Red vs Yellow