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10th Grade Student
10th Grade Student

10th Grade Odyssey

Sophomore Year Odyssey

Welcome to the 10th grade Odyssey program where our goal is to increase student achievement! Core courses taken include Biology, English and Modern World History. The instructors of these courses work closely together to ensure your child’s success. First, we meet on a weekly basis to access our students’ strengths and weaknesses with regard to academics and conduct. If necessary we develop an intervention plan and follow up with the student and parent. As incentives for success, we honor the top 5 students with a Certificate of Achievement award and a Student of the Month pizza luncheon. Secondly, we take an integrated approach by having lessons and projects which are cross curricular so as to have an in-depth knowledge of a topic or issue. As an extension of this integrated approach, we provide students with the opportunity of attending two or three educational fieldtrips each year. And finally, we offer several teambuilding days where students form positive relationships with their teachers and fellow Odyssey students. As members of the 10th grade Odyssey program, we look forward to working with you and your child as we strive for a successful school year.

  Russell "Myles" Loveall Science
  Kory Oberjuerge Social Studies
10th Grade Students