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About Odyssey

Odyssey Academy

Odyssey Academy is a unique and innovative college-bound program that has a long history at Lakewood High School. The purpose of the Odyssey Academy is to prepare students to be successful in college by providing an enriched English, math, science, and social studies curriculum. 

Odyssey Academy teachers are committed to helping students succeed while at Lakewood High School and beyond. Our teachers plan lessons together both in curriculum areas (ie., English, math, science, etc.) and as a grade-level team (the 9th grade team, the 10th grade team of teachers, etc.).  Working with two-three teachers a year and a counselor, parents and students can be assured that completion of our A-G requirements and graduation is our number one goal. 

A major focus of Odyssey Academy is on marine studies. This ocean theme is seen both inside the classroom and real world Odyssey field trips to research labs and aquariums.


What does Odyssey Academy Offer?

  • University preparatory courses (regular, accelerated, honors and AP)
  • Enrichment activities in class and on field trips
  • Support and guidance with the PSAT, the SAT, university applications, and the financial aid process
  • An active parent booster club that supports student achievement
  • An Odyssey Academy Medal awarded for graduation when A-G university requirements and Odyssey core classes are met successfully

Expectations for our Students

  • Commitment to the Odyssey Academy
  • Parent Involvement
  • Continuous effort toward meeting college requirements
  • Signed contract by students, teachers, and parents

What can I expect in Odyssey Academy?

As a participant in Lakewood High School's Odyssey Academy, students can expect to work individually, with teachers and as a grade-level team.  Odyssey Academy personalizes the learning experience by including activities that promote individual growth and assessment while completing the rigorous A-G college requirements.

As Odyssey participants, students learn how the subject matter of one class can relate to that of another.  An English essay might involve working on a subject that students are discussing and exploring in marine biology.  The marine biology assignment may then be turned into an exhibition which promotes proficiency in writing, group presentations, computer technology, and individual creativity.  The assignment would finally be presented to the grade level teachers and student body.  

And finally, students in Odyssey can expect a rigorous curriculum while still leaving time for extra curricular activities like volunteer work or sports.  It's the perfect academy for the well rounded student.