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Odyssey grades 9-12

Counselors schedule Odyssey students into all of the required classes for UC and CSU eligibility (A-G requirements).  Many of these courses are taken in the “core” academy classes; others are completed outside of the academy.

Listed below are the typical courses taken by Odyssey Academy students at each grade level.

Grade 9
English 1-2  (Regular or Accelerated)*
Physical Oceanography *
Algebra 1-2/ Geometry

World Language or Art
Computers Applications (CTE)
PE/ Sport

Grade 10
English 3-4
(Regular or Accelerated)*
Biology  (Regular or Accelerated)*
World History
(Regular or AP)*
Math – next level

World Language
PE/ Sport

Grade 11
Marine Biology*

English 5-6 (Regular, Honors or AP)*
US History
(Regular, Honors or AP)*
Int. Algebra/ Pre-Calculus
College Prep Elective

Elective (next math level highly recommended)

Grade 12
Senior English (ERWC, Multicultural Literature or AP English)*
Government and Economics (Regular or AP)*
Chemistry *

Elective (next math level highly recommended)

Management of Aquatic Life and Animals (CTE)

* Odyssey Core Classes