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Special Education Department


Links to Department of Rehab

California Dept of Rehabilitation

If you have a disability and need VR services, DOR may be able to help you find work and become independent. This handbook will be your guide: Rehabilitation Handbook (PDF)

For more information or for assistance, please contact Ms. Arnwine, CTS (Career Transition Specialist) at LHS x3158

Programs & Services at LHS

Resource Specialist Program (RSP) 

• All "General Education Classes" with one period of Strategies for Success (SFS) per day 

• SFS focuses on academic, organizational, and study skills in addition to providing support for students 

• Case Carrier helps students to focus on achieving their IEP goals as well as achieving success in their general education classes. 

• "Watch and Consult" students do not have SFS class unless needed for success in Gen Ed classes. 

Mild/Moderate Program (MM) 

• Classes have a maximum of 18 students and are usually staffed with one or more instructional aides 

• Students move from class to class for their various subjects and for their elective classes (not self-contained) 

• Students can be mainstreamed into Gen Ed classes when appropriate 

• Students are eligible to obtain jobs at the school and in the community during their 11th and 12th grade years through the "Employment Skills" classes. 

Deaf and Hard of Hearing (D/HH) 

• A team of dedicated teachers, instructional aides, and interpreters assist our students with hearing loss in academics and success skills.

• Many students are fully mainstreamed and are provided with interpreters for each class 

• Some students are in a self-contained classroom with a teacher, aides, and interpreters 

• D/HH students are also able to obtain jobs at the school and in the community during their 11th and 12th grade years through the "Employment Skills" classes. 



Moderate/Severe Program (MS) 

• There are four Moderate/Severe classrooms at LHS, each designed to accommodate students with unique needs and abilities. 

• Includes academic instruction in English, math, practical living skills and community-based instruction (navigating the neigh- borhood and traveling to community establishments). 

• The majority of the students in the MS program are involved in the "Best Buddies" program, which provides lunch-time activi- ties, dancing, etc with their GenEd peers. 



Some Other Services Offered per IEP 

504 Plans (Each Counselor coordinates the 504 plan for their students)

Adaptive Physical Education

Vocational education Services 

Assistive Technology

Nursing Services 

Communicatively Impaired Speech and Language

Visually Impaired (VI) Services

Counseling and Guidance Services 

In the Spotlight!

One of Lakewood's FINEST students is in the spotlight! Congrats to Maria for being an ABC 7 Cool Kid!


Special Education
Our Mission

We are a TEAM of collaborative specialists engaging at the highest levels of integrity, diligence, and responsibility; we are self-directed role models who enhance the success and celebrate the diversity of our students, parents, and community.

Our Team!
Our Team
  R Anderson ex: 3110 Counselor - Merit
  Ryan Burns (562) 425-1281 ex: 3204 School Psychologist - Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing
  Deborah Caine Math
  Mr Calvente (562) 425-1281 ex: 3299 Department Head Special Education
  Toni Crawford English
  Mari Elam Special Education
  Lindsay Fiske Staff
  Randy Gonzalez Special Education
  Nicole Hammerschmidt Counselor
  ~inactive~account ~inactive ~account ~inactive ~account
  Greg James ex: 3122 3122 - Counselor
  Ana Juarez Teacher
  David Klein Special Education
  Mr. Kunkle (562) 425-1281 ex: 3121 Counselor - DMAC
  Cynthia Le Staff
  Michelle Lecours Counselor
  Sylvia Lengor ex: 3304 Special Education
  Ms. Linson (562) 425-1281 ex: 3185 Special Education
  Doreen Millar (562) 425-1281 ex: 3120 Counselor
  Maria Morato Special Education
  Samantha Nguon Special Education
  Robert Rea Special Education
  Gina Sanchez Special Education
  Denise Scott Special Education
  Dan Sullivan Staff
  Nancy Suzuki Staff
  Davis Towne Teacher
  James Willert Special Education
  Cara Wysong Teacher