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Staff Directory

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LastName FirstName Department

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Acuna Christina World Language Department Head

Allums Derrick World Language Department Head

Alphonse Jeff History

Arnwine Cheryl Special Education

Barisoff Michelle VAPA Department Head

Bassard-Jones Stephanie PE

Bazer Ron Pathway Coordinator

Bobadilla Susan Librarian

Bobo Lindsay Science

Boggan Christina Math

Booth Worren Activities Specialist

Brandts Jonathan English

Brandts Sandra English

Brown Dana Math Department Head

Brown Lawrence English

Brummel Charla CTE

Buell Olivia English

Busch Lisa History

Busch Thomas History

Caine Deborah Special Education

Calvente Thomas Special Education Department Head

Cangro Lisa Merit Pathway Teacher

Castro Dahiana World Language

Catalan Olivares Eduardo Math

Causey Jo Ann Special Education

Christensen Michael PE

Cisneros Krystal Science

Clarke Cory Math

Cobb Caryn English Department Head

Contreras Strattman Jessica Math

Cooper Duane (Samuel) Special Education

Copeland Paul DMAC Pathway Lead

de la Loza Victor Science

Deutschman Janelle History

Dodge Barbara Math

Elam Marilee Special Education

Esparza Enrique Math

Espinosa McBride Annabellee CTE

Flanagan Patrick John History

Ford Rebecca Science

Frayre Elizabeth World Language

Freeman Josh HOSM Pathway Lead

Freihaut Nancy Head Counselor

Funk Njorge Lisa History

Gjonovich Garrick Math

Goldfischer Jason History

Gonzalez Randy Special Education

Gregg Susan English

Grothe Katherine English

Harper Ronald Math

Hayes Jonathan Assistant Principal

Heard Ronaele English

Henderson John History

Hickey Corrin History Department Head

Hollis Michael VAPA Department Head

Humphries Michael English

Ingram Joe ROTC

Kaeka Michelle PE Department Head

Kim Kristina World Language

King Carolynn English

Klein David Special Education Department Head

Knairolomour Yassaman Odyssey Pathway Lead

Knox Johanna (Joey) PE

Kraft Carol Math

Lengor Sylvia Special Education

Loera Dolores Science Department Head

Loveall Russell (Myles) Science

Magana Irma English

Maldonado Madelyn Math

Manson Scott History

McCarthy Lurie Samanta CTE

McDaniel Nichole World Language

McGinnis Kristin CTE

McMackin Donald ROTC Department Head

McNamee Thomas CTE Department Head

Mendoza Mia Special Education

Merlo Mona Principal

Meyer Scott History

Miller Jill Science

Miramontes Andy PE Department Head

Monarrez Armida English

Morales Mario Dean of Students

Morato Maria (Jo) Special Education

Murphy Christopher History

Nguon Samanta Special Education

Noble Kumamoto Ellen Science

O'Connor John English

Oberjuerge Kory History

Opkins Jack CTE

Ottina John ATM Pathway Lead

Pagulayan Zondee Jax Teacher

Paje Arielle Teacher

Palmer Melissa Teacher

Patterson Gilda Teacher/Department Head

Ramaty Deborah World Language

Rea Robert Special Education

Rivera James English

Romant Tomika Vice Principal

Ruiz Matthew History

Salazar Jennie Assistant Principal

Sanchez Gina Special Education

Santana Lidia World Language

Saucedo Jessica English

Schmidt David CTE

Serrano Karina World Language

Siemsen Ralph VAPA Department Head

Stevens David Science

Suarez Norma World Language

Summers David VAPA Department Head

Tang Thanh Phoung Math

Tarin Lorena English

Taylor Kandi English

Teran Roberta Englsih Department Head

Thompson Chris Assistant Principal

Thron Rachel Math

Thyden Chris Science

Ton Bryant Math

Torres Maria Science

Towne Davis Special Education

Valencia Lisa World Language

Villegas Gonzalez Nancy World Language

Volkoff Aaron CTE

Weber Anna Science

Weller Kam CTE

White Amanda Science

Willert James Special Education

Williams Robinson Charise Math

Wixted Michael Math

Wysong Cara Special Education

Zell Aubray Math


Merlo, Mona HOSM Principal
Romant, Tomika Merit Vice Principal
Hayes, Jonathan ATM Asst. Principal
Salazar, Jennie Odyssey Asst. Principal
Thompson, Chris DMAC Asst. Principal
Booth, Worren ASB ASB Director
Morales, Mario Intvn Center Dean of Student
Couch, Dawn   HS Office Supv.
Lopez, Deogracious (Dee)   Supt Secy/Athletics
George, Donelle M,W,F Clerical Support
Booth, Worren   Activities Specialist
Quintana, Alex   Activitiies Clerk
Green, Diane   Banker
Richardson, Jennifer Student Store SS Manager
Lovelace, Kellie Stu.9th/10; Staff L-Z Attendance Clerk
Madison, Rita Stu.11th/12th; Staff A-K Attendance Clerk
Benheretz, Michelle M,W,F (T-Th FrntOff) Book/Supply Room
Freihaut, Nancy   Head Counselor
Anderson, Russ Merit/SDC-MM Counselor
Beckerdite, Kristen DMAC grd. 10-12 Counselor
Hammerschmidt, Nicole HOSM grd. 10-12 Counselor
James, Greg Odyssey grd. 10-12 Counselor
Kunkle, Damon ATM Counselor
Khim, Daniel DMAC, HOSM, ODY Grd.9 Counselor
Gildon, Jenny   Career Center
Robles, Alejandra (Allie) Merit/MM-MS Support Sr. Office Asst
Esparza, Robin HOSM/DMAC Support Counseling Clerk
Anderson, Angela ATM/Odyssey Support Counseling Clerk
Ramirez, Natalie   Data Tech
Bobadilla, Susan   Librarian
Stuart, Cindy Temporarily Front Office Library Media Asst.
Suzuki, Nancy   Nurse (RN)
Feckley, Christine Temporarily 8:30 to 12:30 HealthTechAsst.
Anderson, Angela Couns Until Further Notice Nurse Clerk
Bazer, Ron   Pathway Coord
Jon Grossgold   Email HelpDesk