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College and Career Specialist and Scholarship Coordinator
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work permit

When getting a Work Permit for the first time, you will need print out a Work Permit Application (PDF).  Fill out the "For Minor to Complete" Section, have your new boss fill out the "For Employer to Complete" Section, and ask your parent or guardian sign the "For Parent to Complete" Section.  Remember to have your Social Security card (or a copy/picture of the card) with you when you email your completed Work Permit Application and a picture of your social security card to Ms. Gildon at 

Remember that you do not need a Work Permit Application until after you get hired.

Looking for a job?  Join Lakewood's Job Search Google Classroom (code 2p7cpkf)

Need help creating a resume?  Join Lakewood's Resume Assistance Google Classroom (code bpwhs6e)




ASSIST Information links

ASSIST helps you explore majors offered at UC and CSU campuses. It provides several paths you can take to learn about specific majors, requirements for majors, major preparation at community colleges, and transferring courses to the University of California or California State University. 


Big Future Logo

Big Future is a free website with a step-by-step approach that helps with the college planning process for students and families.  You can find the best college matches based on what matters to you most (type of school, location, majors, financial aid available, sports, etc.)  You'll get instant college matches (access to nearly 4,000 two- and four-year colleges and universities) and then you can explore those colleges more in depth.  You can also see if you're on track to meet the colleges' requirements. 

service academy seals

There are five service academies in the United States.  Four of the academies require a nomination from an authorized nominating source.  Each academy offers young men and women a FREE college education at a highly-ranked, nationally-recognized academic program while preparing them for an officer's commission in the armed forces. The academies are:


U.S. Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, Colorado

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, New York

U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York

U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland


The fifth service academy, the U.S. Coast Guard Academy at New London, Connecticut is the only one that does not require a Congressional nomination.  Visit each service academy's website for additional information.



Cal SOAP Logo

Do you want personalized college preparation assistance? Ms. Karla is Lakewood's Cal-SOAP College Advisor. The California Student Opportunity and Access Program (Cal-SOAP) is a free federally funded program whose purpose is to help low-income and first generation students to successfully complete high school, as well as to enroll in and complete college. Cal-SOAP participants enjoy many benefits by joining including individual academic advising, help with college exploration, assistance with important exams like the SAT and ACT (and FREE EXAM REGISTRATION), free out-of-state and private college applications for seniors (get fee waivers from Ms. Gildon), and the potential to go on college campus field trips. Email Karla at

College and Career Center

College and Career Center

The Lakewood High School College and Career Center

is your resource for information about





Paid, on-the-job training to learn a skilled trade such as carpenter, plumber, electrician




Also: Career and Technical Education Internships (Previously known as Work Based Learning/ROP Classes)

College Classes and Internships for 11th and 12th Grade Students

FINANCIAL AID: FAFSA, California Dream Act, Cal Grant Submission, and Scholarships


Assistance completing job applications, resumes, and preparing for interviews  


Services/Resources of the College and Career Center include:

GUEST SPEAKERS, COLLEGE/MILITARY REPRESENTATIVES AND WORKSHOPSThroughout the year the College and Career Center hosts workshops on topics ranging from “Completing College Applications” and “Applying for Financial Aid” to “Job Search Techniques (filling out applications, creating a resume, interviewing skills)” and “After High School…What’s Next”

COLLEGE CATALOGS/BROCHURES – California Community Colleges, CSU, UC, CA Private Colleges, and Out-of-State Colleges 

QUICK REFERENCE WEBSITES – A list of valuable web site addresses that offer assessment tools and sources of information on careers, colleges, scholarships, and financial aid

The College and Career Center is located in Room 6206

Students are welcome before school, during nutrition, lunch, after school, or by appointment.

College & Career Center
College and Career Resources
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The Google Classroom code for Class of 2021 is gujf4wz.


$$$FINANCIAL AID$$$: The FAFSA is still open

Seniors, financial season is here and to maximize your chances of receiving aid, you should file now. Start by getting your electronic signature for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  You can apply for your electronic signature, also known as the Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID.  You will need one for you and also one for one of your parents since you will both have to electronically "sign" the FAFSA.  Next you can fill out the FAFSA at (not which is a pay site) to apply now. 


In order to be eligible for all federal aid, you must file your FAFSA if you are going to be attending community college or trade program.


Don't Submit Unless It's Legit

College Just Ahead

Seniors, you can work on many private California and public and private out-of-state college applications.  The private and many of the out-of-state applications are at on the Common Application, plus Historically Black College and University applications at the Common Black Application.  College Greenlight also has a Greenlight Scholars Application where you can apply to many different highly regarded colleges and universities for freeThe Common Application, the Common Black Application, and the Greenlight Scholars Application have different requirements and deadlines for each school within the applications, so check each individual school's website to ensure that you don't miss any important information. 



CA colleges is the one-stop website for information about higher education in California for students, counselors, and parents. It has been developed in collaboration with California State University (CSU),  University of California (UC),  California Community Colleges (CCC), Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities (AICCU), and the California Department of Education.


What if you could earn scholarships every time you got a good grade? What if you could also earn money for playing sports, participating in school clubs, being a leader, or volunteering in the community? Now, you can...

Money for college flyer

You can earn money to pay for college by doing things that will improve your chances of getting into many colleges and universities. Every time you achieve a goal like getting good grades or doing extracurricular activities, you can earn micro-scholarships that begin adding up as early as 9th grade. lets you keep track of your achievements/the money you earn and also can also help you earn more scholarships from's more than 180 partner-colleges and universities like Michigan State, Oberlin, Carnegie Mellon, Arizona State, and the University of Rochester.SaveSave





There are several wonderful FREE SAT and ACT prep sites available for all students including March2Success, 4Tests, and a few more listed on the LBUSD College and Career Pinterest page on the "Test Preparation and Testing Options" board.


In addition, the College Board, the company that gives the SAT, has partnered with Khan Academy to provide full-length tests to use for practice.  Want even more FREE in-depth assistance?  Go to Free SAT Prep to have 36 hours of live SAT tutoring online, with 4 full-length practice SAT exams, and comprehensive instruction for each SAT subject.  When you use Khan Academy, remember to Link Your Accounts - When prompted, agree to link your Khan Academy and College Board accounts and then Send Your Test Results - At College Board, sign in or create an account and hit "Send" to send your test results to Khan Academy.


Also, if math is the subject you need to focus on the most, EdReady can help you assess your current math level and help you get ready for college-level math for the SAT, ACT, or college placement tests.