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1955 Club To discuss Disney McNamee 10102 Lunch Thursday
ACE Club To play card and board games with friends. Ms. Acuna 7301 Lunch Friday
Anime  To discuss Anime  Mr. West 7102 Lunch Tuesdays and Thursdays 
AP Test Club promotion and recruitment of AP students  Ms. Cangro college/ career  After School Mon-Thurs
APES To expand knowledge of Environmental concerns & participate in beautification projects Loveall 10202 Lunch Wednesday
Art Club To do art related activities with like minded people Barisoff 6205a Lunch Tuesday
Astraea Club Educated on celestial bodies and their theorized human connection Cobb 2103 Lunch Thursday
AVID Help students understand the process of college Saucedo 10203 Lunch Thursday
Badminton  Promote the sport of badminton  Christensen Gym Lunch Wednesday 
Band Leadership Palmer Band room Lunch Tuesday
Best Buddies Friends for all students Bockman/ Willert/D Brown B15 Lunch Mon, Fri
Biology Club AP To promote AP Biology club activities Bobo 822 Lunch Tuesday
Black Student Union To promote and learn about black culture Booth ASB 7:25 Thursday
Book Club To read and discuss books McDaniel 6203 Lunch Tuesday
Boys Tennis Club promoting tennis Mr. McNamee Tennis courts Per. 8 Daily
Cabinet To support the fundraisers efforts of Student Council Booth 643 PD 3 ODD SCHEDULE
Chess Club To teach, learn, and play chess Mr. Glover 10103 Lunch Wednesdays and Fridays 
Citadel To create the school yearbook Avery B5 1:15 M-F
Club Name Purpose Advisor Meeting Room # Meeting Time Meeting Day
Concert Choir Representatives and Leaders of Concert Choir Mr. Siemsen 501 Per 4 White Sched.
Cooking Club To learn more about food safety, cooking, culture differences Kim/Santana 7306 Lunch Thursday
Cru Christian ministry  Ms. Serrano  Small Gym Lunch Friday
CSF/NHS National & State Academic Program that recognizes Brandts,S/Taylor 2209 Lunch Thursday
DMAC To promote and support DMAC Copeland 10207 Lunch 2nd Tues
Dungeons and Dragons To make friends with people that have an interest in the game Mr. Gonzalez B-91 Lunch Tues-Thurs
E- Sports Bring people interested in gaming and competing  Mr. McNamee 10102 Lunch Tuesday
Female Leadership Empowerment/ Community Service Oberjuerge B14 Lunch/ 3:50 Thursday
Film Club To promote the creation and enjoyment of film Copeland 10207 Lunch Tue-Fri
Flaim Fashion Club To discuss fashion & express your perspectives Hollis 6205b Lunch Wednesday
French Club To promote French language & Culture Chesnot 6207 Lunch Wednesday
Freshman Senate To fundraise and support events for Class of 2023 Brandts, J. 2207 Lunch Tuesday
Fundraise For Change  To raise money for organizations based on national political topics Ms. Acuna 7301 Lunch Thursday
Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) To help teens to be comfortable with themselves & to have a safe place to meet McWhorter 2206 Lunch Friday
Girls Volleyball promote Volleyball Wadley volleyball courts Per. 8/7 Daily
Guitar Club Support Guitar activites Mr. Siemsen 501 Per.5,6,8 Daily
Hand Studio Deaf awareness activities, educate about deaf Elam 2111 Lunch Wed
HOSA Providing opportunities for knowledge, health, and leadership development of all sciences Torres/Volkoff 7103 Lunch Friday
Improv Club  To practice and perform the art of improv Ms. Lurie  717/411 Lunch Tues-Thurs
Jazz Band To learn and perform jazz Palmer Band room Pd 1 daily
Key club To serve and build our community Mr. Clarke TBD Lunch Wednesday
Khmer Club To spread Khmer culture  Ms. Teran  2201 Lunch Tuesday
KPCC To practice learning about Korean Pop Culture Ms. Taren 2201 Lunch Tuesday
KPOP Dance Club To have fun learning & performing Korean Pop dances Nguon B22 Lunch Friday
Lanceresttes Promote School spirit and belonging Ms. Buell B94 4pm daily
Life 101 To learn neccessary life skills, and giving back after high school Weber 10204 Lunch Thursday
Link Crew Support link crew Volkoff TBD Pd 1 Mon-Fri
Madrigals To present music around the community Siemsen 501 Pd 1 Red days
Make A Wish raise money for make a wish foundation Ms. Oberjuerge 10205 Lunch ODD Wed
Math Ready Club To help people struggling in math Pagulayan 6202 Lunch Wed
Merit Scholars  To keep Merit Scholars on task and take breaks from studying  Mr. De Le Loza 7105 Lunch Monday
Military Career To give people the opportunity to ask about the military McMackin/ Ingram B11 Lunch Tues
Multimedia Club To meet and collaborate with others interested in media arts Espinosa McBride 7307 Lunch Thursday
Musical Theater Support class activities Siemsen 501 Pd 3 Red days
NJROTC To create effective leaders for the future McMackin/ Ingram B9 Lunch Mon
Nutrition and Wellness promote nutrition and wellness  Ms. Ford 10215 Lunch Even Wed
Odyssey Club Student club to support the pathway Bauer/ Goldfischer Khair 10214 Lunch Wed
One World Club Humanitarian & Service Training Magana 2110 Lunch Wed
Orchestra To practice and perform orchestra music Palmer 505 Per 5 Mon-Fri
Pacific Islanders Club Share island culture Torres  7103 Lunch Tuesday
PAW Club Pet care & animal welfare Goldfischer 10216 Lunch Tues/Thurs
Ping Pong Club To play ping pong Freeman B-99 Lunch Everyday
Red Cross Club To prevent & alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by donors Murphy 2203 Lunch Tuesday
Rugby Club To grow and support the rugby community at LHS Bazer 2102 Lunch Thursday
Save our Planet Make the earth a better place by cleaning it Monarrez 2205 Lunch Tuesday
Senior Senate Promote and fundraise class of 2020 McDaniel 6203 Lunch Tuesday
Sophomore Senate To plan sophomore events Brown, Mr. 2208 Lunch every other Thur
Spanish Club To foster interest in the hispanic culture Serrano 7303 Lunch Wednesday
Sports Medicine Club Compete in sports medicine competitions Weller 7107 Lunch Tuesday
Stage Crew Theatre work Mahan/ McCarthy Aud/  Drama Room Lunch Wednesday
Student Ambassadors To inform students about colleges and college related events Gildon Career Center Lunch Monday
Triathlon Club To learn about and participate in triathlons Klein 2213 Lunch Thursday
Wrestling Club Big Red To support LHS Wrestling Team Gulmatico Pool Per 7 Wednesday
Yell Club Encourage a cleaner environment through recycling  Ms. Bobo 7106 After School Wednesday