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The goal of CTE courses is to provide a thematic link to the pathway while developing industry skills in a sequence of courses.  Below are Lakewood's pathway sequences, along with their A-G standing.

Over the years, Lakewood has expanded its CTE program to offer more students the opportunity to build skills in various industries to prepare for their careers.


2015/16 had 739 CTE seats

2016/17 had 1140 CTE seats

2017/18 had 1690 CTE seats

2018/19 has 1838 CTE seats


seat = student in a CTE course, (students may be in multiple)

Career Tech Education

    Career readiness brochure

    What Makes Up a CTE Course?

    For specific information about industry sectors, CTE standards and how they connect with other courses (i.e. English, math, science, history) please follow the link below:


    CTE Curriculum Link

    Where is Your Road Taking You?

    Here are some helpful links to guide you along your career path:


    Bureau of Labor Statistics