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President - Julie Patrick

Digital Media, Arts & Communication Home

The Digital Media Arts Communication Pathway at Lakewood High School allows students to pursue their creative endeavors within the Digital Arts, Drama, Music, Dance, and Studio Arts. The mission of DMAC is to increase students' proficiency in immersing them in the creative process, through a rigorous and industry-approved 4-year curriculum that will prepare them for the intense demands of a career in the arts and humanities, or further their studies at the collegiate level. Students who collaborate, cooperate, innovate change and refine ideas are successful in life and contribute to the community. All students will engage in a rigorous four-year course of study that develops and hones their creative emphasis. Students are expected to practice their skills outside the classroom with internships, jobs, and volunteer opportunities. DMAC produces creative thinkers to tackle the challenges of college and career while providing for a rich nurturing community that provides guidance during high school.

Current Happenings

Mr. Copeland - DMAC Originator

 I am Mr. Mr. CCopeland and Star Wars changed my life. In my senior year in High School, I stood in line for hours to see a film that many had predicted would be a failure. Many of the studios turned down the Director, George Lucas, telling him no one would want to see his story. However, for the first time in my life, I discovered something that lit a spark in my life. I decided that I wanted to be a storyteller, and I wanted to tell stories visually. I went back again and again to study the film that would change my life. When I saw Star Wars I knew what I wanted to do with my life, so I went to film school and took a lot of computer classes because Star Wars used computers to create a lot of special effects. I found jobs that would support my dream of being a storyteller. One of those jobs was a substitute teacher which eventually lead to more schooling and a full-time job as a computer teacher. Years later, I was asked to start DMAC and develop a video pathway which has grown into 701 Films, Good Morning Lakewood (GML), and Advanced Media Production (AMP) I work for a small production company on the side where I am able to be a visual storyteller.  This is my 31st year at Lakewood and I enjoy being able to inspire students to become more than just recorders of events, but to become storytellers and to tell their stories that will someday inspire others.

Pathway Technical Core

Grade 9 - Level 1 (Digital Media, Theatre, Visual, Dance, Choral or Instrumental)

Grade 10 - Level 2 (Digital Media, Theatre, Visual, Dance, Choral or Instrumental)

Grade 11 - Level 3 (Digital Media, Theatre, Visual, Dance, Choral or Instrumental)

Grade 12 - Level 4 (Digital Media, Theatre, Visual, Dance, Choral or Instrumental)

Pathway Support Members

Pathway Lead Teacher- Mr. Copeland

Pathway Counselor - Mrs. Beckerdite & Mr. Khim (9th-Grade)

Pathway Administrator - Mr. Thompson

College & Career Counselor - Ms. Gildon