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Today's DMAC

The Digital Media Arts Communication Pathway at Lakewood High School allows students to pursue their creative endeavors within the Digital Arts, Drama, Music, Dance, and Studio Arts. The mission of DMAC is to increase students' proficiency in immersing them in the creative process, through a rigorous and industry-approved 4-year curriculum that will prepare them for the intense demands of a career in the arts and humanities, or further their studies at the collegiate level. Students who collaborate, cooperate, innovate change and refine ideas are successful in life and contribute to the community. All students will engage in a rigorous four-year course of study that develops and hones their creative emphasis. Students are expected to practice their skills outside the classroom with internships, jobs, and volunteer opportunities. DMAC produces creative thinkers to tackle the challenges of college and career while providing for a rich nurturing community that provides guidance during high school.

Ms. Lurie - DMAC Lead Teacher

Ms. LurieMs. Samantha (McCarthy) Lurie is the DMAC pathway lead. Mrs. Lurie has been teaching in the district since 1998 after a four-year stint at St. Joseph High School. Her love of the arts began in middle school when she took her first theater class. From that moment she was hooked! Mrs. Lurie earned her English degree at Loyola Marymount University, and she has continued her education completing a master's degree. When Mrs. Lurie took over the theater program after teaching English for 20+ years, she obtained her CTE credential. Mrs. Lurie also has her National Board certification. Mrs. Lurie has worked with various children's theaters in Long Beach in the last 15 years, and she enjoys creating costumes as well. Mrs. Lurie's goals for DMAC are to create an environment where each child feels that they belong.

Pathway Technical Core

Grade 9 - Level 1 (Digital Media, Theatre, Visual, Dance, Choral or Instrumental)

Grade 10 - Level 2 (Digital Media, Theatre, Visual, Dance, Choral or Instrumental)

Grade 11 - Level 3 (Digital Media, Theatre, Visual, Dance, Choral or Instrumental)

Grade 12 - Level 4 (Digital Media, Theatre, Visual, Dance, Choral or Instrumental)

Pathway Support Members

Pathway Lead Teacher- Ms. Lurie

Pathway Counselor - Ms Reyes (9)  Mr. Khim (10-12)

Pathway Administrator - Ms. Tullo

College & Career Counselor - Ms. Gildon