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Today's DMAC

The Digital Media Arts Communication Pathway at Lakewood High School allows students to pursue their creative endeavors within the Digital Arts, Drama, Music, Dance, and Studio Arts. The mission of DMAC is to increase students' proficiency in immersing them in the creative process, through a rigorous and industry-approved 4-year curriculum that will prepare them for the intense demands of a career in the arts and humanities, or further their studies at the collegiate level. Students who collaborate, cooperate, innovate change and refine ideas are successful in life and contribute to the community. All students will engage in a rigorous four-year course of study that develops and hones their creative emphasis. Students are expected to practice their skills outside the classroom with internships, jobs, and volunteer opportunities. DMAC produces creative thinkers to tackle the challenges of college and career while providing for a rich nurturing community that provides guidance during high school.

Ms. Barisoff - DMAC Lead Teacher

Michelle Barisoff graduated from CSULB with a BFA in Fine Arts for Drawing and Painting and holds a second BA in Art Education.  She was a Gallery Owner and Artist for 8 years at the Gallery 117 in the Long Beach East Village Arts District and has shown in many galleries and spaces throughout her career as an artist and art educator.  Michelle taught the Summer Enrichment Art program for 5th-8th grade students through the Long Beach School for the Adults summer program that earned a Golden Bell Award.  Michelle Barisoff started off her art education career at Bancroft Middle School running the art program there in 2001 and was the Department Chair for VAPA 13 years.  Michelle taught 6th, 7th, a 7-8 combo class and Advanced Art and ran art club while at Bancroft, along with Coaching Girls Soccer 5 years from 2009-2013 as Northern League Champs all 5 years.  Michelle then taught Drawing and Painting, 3D Art and AP Studio Art courses, along with coaching Girl's JV Soccer at Cabrillo High School for three years.  Michelle then moved to Lakewood High School in 2017.

At Lakewood High School, Michelle's worked with Arts Foundations, Drawing and Painting, and AP Studio Art students, as well as held an Art Club for students during lunchtime.  She was the VAPA Department Chair for 3 years and now will be our Digital Media Arts Communications Lead Teacher for the DMAC Pathway.  Michelle plans to start a DMAC Club that will include the digital media, dance, music, arts, and drama students to build a stronger DMAC community at Lakewood High School that will also meet during lunch time. 

Goals for the DMAC Pathway are to work together on the larger productions and to have all students become a part of those, by having students engaged in learning the different aspects of what it is like to put on a major production, from the budget, to designing programs, writing reviews, and learning about all the aspects behind the scenes in their core classes.  

Look forward to supporting our student artists and their performances at the football games, marching in parades, singing competitions, theater and dance productions, art competitions, film festivals and digital arts competitions, as well as our Open House Arts Festival! 

Parents can get involved by joining our DMAC Booster Club to help support our students and apply for VIP status to help chaperone field trips to our local colleges and business partners!   Look for fundraising events to help raise money for DMAC students; dinners out at local restaurants, Parent and Student Paint Nights, DMAC Booster Nights with Raffles and Games picnics and much more!  Look forward to celebrations like our DMAC Senior Night- where we will celebrate our student successes and awards prior to Graduation!  DMAC students that complete their four-year program, whether in the VAPA or CTE side of DMAC will receive medals and our AP DMAC students will earn sashes for Graduation to show off their hard work and completion of their course work!  DMAC is an amazing pathway, and we are so excited that you have chosen to join our DMAC family/Ohana!  Today's Lancers are tomorrow's Leaders!


Pathway Technical Core

Grade 9 - Level 1 (Digital Media, Theatre, Visual, Dance, Choral or Instrumental)

Grade 10 - Level 2 (Digital Media, Theatre, Visual, Dance, Choral or Instrumental)

Grade 11 - Level 3 (Digital Media, Theatre, Visual, Dance, Choral or Instrumental)

Grade 12 - Level 4 (Digital Media, Theatre, Visual, Dance, Choral or Instrumental)

Pathway Support Members

DMAC Lead Teacher- Ms. Barisoff

DMAC Counselor - Ms Reyes (9)  Mr. Khim (10-12)

DMAC Administrator - Ms. Tullo

College & Career Counselor - Ms. Gildon