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Photographer: RO.LEXX

Master Crafter: JEN CAUSEY

My name is Jen and like a lot of other gals, I’m completely obsessed with weddings and always have been. Working within the wedding industry for over 12 years as a mobile hairdresser, being a self-proclaimed master crafter and an avid follower of wedding blogs – I felt a deep need to create my very own. So in 2011 Something Turquoise was born. My biggest excitement is celebrating the artisan that exists in every bride. This blog is my pride and joy, my wildest dreams come to life and my favorite place to be – I am so very thankful that you are here and I truly hope my work inspires you to hand-make something special for your wedding day.


I lovTravise both portrait and landscape photography. I started my career with a film camera and was fascinated by the process. After moving to digital and further honing his skills, I found myself really missing the experience, discipline, and just plain magic of film. I love the discipline of a roll of film which forces me to slow down, plan my shots carefully. Film brings back a magic quality that digital hasn't yet duplicated.

Cinematography: ALICIA RUBIO

AliciaStorytelling found its place in my life very quickly. One of the most influential ways that it did was through movies. Not long after, I figured out that my calling was to become a filmmaker that shares stories of people and places that I passionately believe in.



KimberlyTo me social media has always been and will always be a place to inspire young women on their career path and to embrace their confidence. As a woman it’s sometimes difficult to relate to someone, so here I am to tell you to embrace your originality because by no means am I like anyone else and neither are you!





Cinematography: CONNER ROBBINS

ConnerI serve as a 4671 - Combat Videographer Combat Camera and provide the Marine Corps with state-of-the-art imagery products and services in support of the Fifth Element and expeditionary training and readiness. Combat Camera support includes photography, videography, graphic arts, multimedia, and limited reprographics.