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eMail Standards

Subject: The subject line should contain a short summary of the content of the eMail.   

Body: The body of the eMail should begin with the student’s name and the class and period regarding the content of the eMail.   It is recommended that the sender research a question before asking it.   

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1.  What can I do to raise my grade? 
Answer: ATM teachers suggest you start with Homework. The failure to complete and submit homework is the primary reason why many of our freshmen are near or are already failing. Second make it a prority to turn in work and submit it on time. Don’t procastinate, late work is only accepted for one day after the due date at half credit.   

2. Can I make up missing work?
Answer: Make-up work is your responsibility, and is only accepted when accompanied with a readmit on the make-up due date. It is LBUSD policy to allow a grace period of one day for each day of an excused absence. No make-up work is allowed for truancies, OCS, or unexcused absences.   

3. Is there any extra credit?
Answer: No extra credit is given for missing or incomplete assignments. Extra credit, when given, is content related and will serve to enrich existing assignments.   

4.  I submitted an assignment to the School Loop Drop box, why has the grade not been posted? 
Answer: At the top of the School Loop Home Page is the DROP BOX ARCHIVE. The archive will show you every assignment you have submitted and to which drop box it was sent. After you submit an assignment through the drop box, make sure it is in the archive. If it’s not, your teacher did not receive it.