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Madrigal tryouts


What is the LHS Madrigal Choir?

The LHS Madrigal Choir is one of the oldest and most respected traditions at Lakewood High School.  The choir is an advanced chamber group of 24-32 singers, and performs a broad range of music, including Madrigals, Baroque, Classical, Broadway, Jazz/Pop, and contemporary styles.  The choir is frequently asked to perform in the community; performances in the past have included Disneyland, the Queen Mary, cable television, the LA Music center, and Lake Arrowhead.


Who can join Madrigals?

Any student at Lakewood High school who is selected through the audition process and is responsible, dependable, hard-working and has a good attitude.  Prior choir experience and ability to sight-read are advantages, but not mandatory for acceptance into the group.  Students interested in auditioning must realize that the class meets before school, involves a lot of extra time outside of school, and will require occasional payment/fundraising for turtlenecks, shirts, travel, etc.


What do I need to do to audition?

On this page you will find an application, a piece of music (My Heart is Offered Still to You) plus an mp3 recording of the piece.  Fill out both sides of the application, learn the appropriate part for your voice, and check the schedule for the appropriate day to show up for auditions.   You must be present and on time for all the appropriate parts of your audition, and have a complete application to be eligible (why would we pick someone who doesn’t even complete the application?).  Good luck!


When are the auditions for Madrigals?

Auditions for the next year's group usually occur within the last three weeks of school (late May or early June).




Don’t be intimidated by the audition; we all (even old members) get nervous!  We want this to be a positive experience,  just go in and do your best!


I’m looking for people who love to sing, work hard, make beautiful music, and communicate emotions to others. It is very important in your audition that you communicate positive energy to the audience; I’m not looking just for beautiful voices, but also people who are engaging to watch.  (If choir were only about beautiful sounds, people could just buy a CD!)


A positive attitude toward yourself and others is even more important than perfect singing- I can teach you to sing well;  I can’t change a bad attitude.   Mr. Siemsen



Do audition for Madrigals if you:

  • have a positive, open-minded attitude
  • love to sing and work hard
  • think it is important to be a good representative of Lakewood High
  • have high standards for yourself and others
  • will attend “0” period DAILY (even when you’re tired)
  • will be able to attend many outside performances
  • are someone who gets along well with others
  • plan to be in the group for the whole year, even when it gets busy for you
  • live up to your commitments and don’t make excuses
  • enjoy working with people of all different backgrounds and ideas
  • are respectful to others at all times.

Don’t audition for Madrigals if you:

  • are someone people characterize as a flake
  • like to sing, but not in public
  • don’t really care a lot about grades, or consider choir an “easy A”
  • plan on “trying the group out”, but will drop out if you feel like it
  • find it impossible to be on time, motivated or pleasant at 6:50 am
  • have set ideas about what you will and won’t sing
  • feel you’re doing us a favor by auditioning
  • want to be in an elite social clique and enjoy looking down on others
  • treat people that look or think differently from you with disrespect
  • are auditioning because your parent or someone else is making you do it.
  • believe it is ever OK to disrespect other students or teachers or fight.