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Mrs. Cangro
Merit Scholars Lead Teacher

Mrs. Cangro has been a Lakewood Lancer since 2004 and teaches AP Government and AP Macroeconomics. She attended San Francisco State University, where she earned her degree in Social Studies and a master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Concordia University. Her favorite thing about being a teacher at Lakewood is to be involved in school activities, getting to know students, and working with wonderful people. Her favorite hobby, besides spending time with her family is collecting and selling antiques and collectibles. "I love to search and find old things to preserve and reflect upon what once was." 

Merit Scholars Home

The Merit Scholars program supports scholars through a rigorous Advanced Placement Capstone course of study through the integration of research, service, and communication preparing Merit Scholars for success in top universities and a competitive, global economy. The graduating Merit Scholar is ready to tackle any challenge and armed with the academic resources to triumph. Upon graduation and successful completion of the Merit Scholars course of study, students will have a competitive edge entering into their desired college or university!

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Current Happenings

Pathway Support Members

Pathway Lead Teacher- Mrs. Cangro

Pathway Counselor - Mr. Anderson

Pathway Administrator - Dr. Romant

College & Career Counselor - Ms. Gildon

Pathway Technical Core

Grade 9 - Merit 101

Grade 10 - AP World History

Grade 11 - AP Seminar

Grade 12 - AP Research

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Doria Garcia- President

Wendie Ritchson- Secretary

Lupita Hernandez- Treasurer 

Jennifer Foster- Fundraising