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Ms. Magana - Merit teacher

Meet Ms. Magaña, Merit Scholar's Little Stick of Dynamite and Merit's lead teacher!

Ms. Magaña graduated from CSU Long Beach with a BA in Comparative Literature. Ms. Magaña began teaching at LHS in 2004. She is teaching  AP Seminar and AP Research, helping students earn their AP Capstone Diploma. She is not only Merit's Lead Teacher, she is also the One World Club Advisor. She was also Teacher of the Year for Long Beach Unified and Los Angeles County in 2016-2017 and WE's Global Educator Champion in 2017. When not teaching, she loves to travel, give back to the community, and listening to U2!  

Merit Scholars Home

We are Scholars

The Merit Scholars program equips students with the skills, knowledge, and motivation to bring positive change in themselves and the world through a rigorous Advanced Placement Capstone course of study. Through the integration of experiential service-learning programs, they explore and act on critical issues impacting their communities and world.  Upon successful completion of the Merit Scholars course of study, students will not only be more competitive, but will be problem solvers in their collegial and professional pursuits. 




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Pathway Support Members

Pathway Lead Teacher- Ms. Magana

Pathway Counselor - Mr. Anderson

Pathway Administrator - Ms. Merlo

College & Career Counselor - Ms. Gildon

Pathway Technical Core

Grade 9 - Merit 101

Grade 10 - AP World History

Grade 11 - AP Seminar

Grade 12 - AP Research

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Doria Garcia- President

Wendie Ritchson- Secretary

Lupita Hernandez- Treasurer 

Jennifer Foster- Fundraising