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NCAA Requirements

Dear Lancer Parents and Students,

Please review the required high school courses on the attached N.C.A.A. (National Collegiate Athletic Association) flyers below for division 1 and 2 universities to become eligible to receive an athletic scholarship, and to compete in the sport at the university you wish to attend.  It is important to understand that the university's general admission requirements must be meet as well.  If a student is not offered an athletic scholarship by the end of grade 12, then a student can still participate in the sport; but will need to try-out for that sport after meeting the general admission requirements for the selected university.  Please visit the university's website for general admission information.  If you have any questions regarding this information, then please contact your student's counselor at Lakewood High School. Below is the NCAA requirements for "freshman qualifiers" at the Division 1 level.

Division I Academic Requirements
Test Scores