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Welcome to Lakewood!!! Locker

New to Lakewood???

You have been placed at Lakewood high School, what you need to register...

Congratulations on your placement at Lakewood High School and thank you for your future attendance!


In order to complete enrollment, you must bring the following:

  • Current utility bill (gas, water or electric – not telephone) or a copy of escrow/mortgage loan paperwork/statement that includes the parent/guardian name and address.
  • Copy of student’s last report card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Proof of up-to-date immunizations (medically verified immunization records from health dept, school, doctor or baby book records).  Polio, DTP/Tdap, Hepatitis B (3 doses), MMR (2 doses) and Varicella – 1 dose or proof of having chicken pox (from a health care provider). For OUT OF STATE entrants- Varicella - 1 dose given to children under age 13 or 2 doses on or after 13th birthday.

Note: The enrollment process will be delayed and student will be on “hold” if the immunization requirements are not met. If you have any questions, please call the Lakewood High School counseling department for further information.


After document processing, families may meet with a Pathway Guidance Counselor for a briefing on freshman year classes.


If you have any questions regarding the registration meeting or required documentation, please contact any of the counseling clerks:


Parents and guardians wishing to complete documentation in advance to speed processing are welcome to visit the Counseling Office and request an enrollment packet or download the attached documents in the locker found in the column to the left.


Please note, attending end of year orientation meetings will facilitate timely enrollment and appropriate Pathway course placement for the start of the school year.


Welcome to Lakewood High School and the Lancer Family!