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What is NJROTC?

NJROTC stands for Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

Voluntary program for up to  4 years
Teams, Field Trips, Fun
Promotes citizenship, teamwork and leadership for all students
            Uniforms and Blue & Gold PE clothes provided at NO COST
Classes count for PE: - for freshmen and sophomores
–Electives for juniors and seniors
Promoting college for ALL students
Students are Not in the Navy!
Students are Not obligated to join the military!

What activities/events is NJROTC involved in?

Dining in (some cadets – this is district)
JROTC Military Ball (March/April)
National Academic Competition (May – every other year on different coast)
Navy Nationals (Academics, Drill, Athletics) April (usually during spring break) In Pensacola, Florida
National Air Rifle (Ohio)
Cyber Patriots Cyber Security computer competition, (Nationals in Maryland)
May Awards / End of year
Miramar Air Show (Blue Angels)
San Diego Navy tour
–Every Spring
Visit fire fighting and flooding trainer, lunch, possible ship tour. 
Color Guard
–School flag daily

Home football games, school board meetings, athletic games, formal school functions, community events


–Belmont Shores Winter Holiday Parade
–Long Beach Veterans Parade
–Saturdays with drill teams, color guard, athletics and academic teams
And MUCH, MUCH more!

What are the Drill Teams?

Academics – Local/National Events & History
Orienteering – cross country land navigation
Cyber Patriots (Computer Security competition)
Color Guard – carry flags during the opening ceremonies
Athletics – individual and relay events
Air Rifle – pellet gun/air rifle marksmanship
Unarmed Drill Team – military marching with a beat
Armed Drill Team – precision marching with rifles

What are the classes like?


•Monday:  Uniform Day/Classroom
•Tuesday:  Classroom
•Wednesday: Classroom
•Thursday:  PE
•Friday:  PE
•Drill Teams are after school : 2:50 to 4:00 
(sometimes longer and Saturdays if there's a big drill meet)
•Attendance is taken , your student gets 5 credits toward graduation per semester
Freshmen - Navy JROTC basics (uniforms, ranks, marching), health, physical fitness, Team Building
Sophomores - Naval History, Marine Science, Management of teams
Juniors - Naval Operations/Navigation/Oceanography, Leadership and Management
Seniors - Leadership, Personal Financial Management
Points pushed daily to the cadets:
–Ethical Behavior
–Attention to Detail
Mister And Miss (no first names) - Professionalism
Sir and Ma’am
Personal grooming