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The educational program of Lakewood High School is designed to provide a high quality curriculum instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment.  In order to achieve these high expectations, the staff, parents/guardians, and students of Lakewood High School agree and commit to implementing the following activities that are related to the learning process.


As a PARENT OR GUARDIAN, I will carry out the following responsibilities:

  1. I will support the academic program and help my child in any way possible to meet his/her educational responsibilities.
  2. I will support my student to attend school daily and arrive on time to all classes
  3. I will inform the school of the correct address and telephone number where I can be reached, and I will update any changes so I can always be reached in case of an emergency.
  4. I will keep a list of important school phone numbers so that I can contact the appropriate person at Lakewood.
  5. I will provide my child with the correct clothing in accordance with the Lakewood Dress Code to ensure that he/she views Lakewood as his/her place of business.
  6. I will actively pursue school based tutoring and support services for my child when needed.
  7. I will register for both ParentVue and SchoolLoop to monitor my child’s grades and assignments.
  8. I will provide a quiet place, time and supplies for my child to study and to complete homework assignments and I will limit my child’s television, video gaming, music, and telephone use.
  9. I will attend school based functions to support my child, such as parent conferences, Back-to-School and Open House, performances, sporting events, parent information meetings, etc.
  10. My child and I will follow and abide by the LBUSD regulations as outlined in the Parent Guidelines Handbook.

As a STUDENT , I will carry out the following responsibilities:

  1. I will attend school daily and arrive on time to all classes.
  2. I will accept responsibility for my own education by completing my homework, classwork, and preparing for all tests.
  3. I will accept responsibility for my own behavior and respect the right of others to learn without distraction and disruption.
  4. I will show respect towards, and cooperate with, ALL adults and other students in the school.
  5. I will comply with the Lakewood Dress Code and ID Policy.
  6. I will be prepared to actively participate in school by having all necessary supplies (notebooks, pens, pencils, etc.), by being a cooperative learner, and having a positive attitude.
  7. I will log on to School Loop to track my assignments and grades.
  8. I will request assistance and tutoring when needed and attend school based tutorials.
  9. I will follow LBUSD attendance, discipline, and homework policies.
  10. I understand that the use of cell phones and electronic devices are allowed at the teachers’ discretion within the classroom, and that I am responsible for the loss of any such items brought on campus.

As a school, the LAKEWOOD STAFF I will carry out the following responsibilities:

  1. We will work as dedicated professionals with our students’ best interest as our primary concern
  2. We will provide a content standards-based program that is rigorous and challenging.  Our program will also address the individual needs of all students.
  3. We will communicate the content standards, classroom, and homework expectations, and instructional goals to students and parents.
  4. We will communicate to parents/guardians and students on an ongoing basis regarding the academic progress of the students
  5. We will post assignments and grades in School Loop to have them available for easy monitoring of student progress. Grades will be updated every four weeks.
  6. We will ensure a safe, caring, respectful and healthy learning environment where students are challenged daily with motivating and interesting learning experiences in all their classes.
  7. We will encourage students to strive for their personal best, motivate them to pursue their dreams, and help them develop, plan, and implement goals for post-secondary life.
  8. We will encourage parents to attend school functions and visit the campus.
  9. We will provide opportunities for parents to participate in improving the Lakewood program through various parent activities.


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