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Thanh Phuong Tang

Algebra 2 Syllabus

Mr. Tang 

Room B-16

Lakewood High School

(562) 425-1281 ext. 3376



 Algebra 2


Text: Algebra 2 -- A Common Core Currriculum

            By Ron Larson and Laurie Boswell


COURSE DISCRIPTION:  Algebra 2 will integrate the students’ prior knowledge of Algebra and Geometry.  Algebra 2 is the third math course in high school that will guide you through linear equations, inequalities, graphs, matrices, polynomials and radical expressions, quadratic equations, functions, exponential and logarithmic expressions, sequences and series, probability and trigonometry.


COURSE REQUIREMENTS:  A student’s success in this course will be determined by examination, homework, projects, attendance and positive participation. 


Examinations will include frequent quizzes, chapter tests, review tests and a semester exam.  Any manner of cheating will result in a “Zero” on the exam. Make-ups due to absences shall be completed as soon as possible when the student comes back to school.  The student is responsible to arrange a make-up time with the teacher.


Homework/Classwork will be assigned on a daily basis, Monday through Friday including exam days.  The student’s name, date the assignment is given and assignment description must appear in the upper right hand corner of all written assignments.  Assignments must be complete and turned in on time for full credit.  Late assignments will be given a maximum of half credit. 


BEHAVIORAL EXPECTATIONS:  Students are expected to


1.  be in their assigned seats before the bell rings and remain seated during the class period.


2.  come to class fully prepared.


3.  raise their hands and wait to be called upon before speaking.


4.  consume food/drink and groom themselves outside the classroom.


5.  follow directions the first time they are given.


6.  respect all people and all property.


7.  wait to be dismissed by the teacher.


8.  participate fully in class; restroom passes will rarely be issued.


9.  keep all cell phones and ipods turned off and put away.



Consequences for Misbehavior


1) If a student is unruly or disrupting the learning environment, the student may be removed from the classroom for a private conference. 

2) If the issue is not resolved, a phone call to a parent will be made for a parent conference.

3) Finally, if the issue still persists, a referral to the administrator will be issued.




Grade Scale (%)                                    Grading will be on a weighted system as follows:


A  90-100                                               Chapter Tests                    :      40%


B  80-89                                                  Cumulative Tests             :      20%


C  70-79                                                  Quizzes                            :      10%


D  60-69                                                  Homework                       :      20%


F  0-59                                                     Notes/Projects                 :      10%



Recommended Materials*




Lined paper


Graph paper


Scientific Calculator (highly recommended)


A 3-ring binder notebook at least 1.5 inches thick