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Dana Brown

Welcome to math.  I am excited to work with you this year as we explore the world of logic.


Throughout the year, if you have questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail me. 

If you need to call, I have period 1 conference.


Help for math

Textbook online:

You can access the textbook and movies to explain the content through  Click to sign in using Clever.  Use your student ID to log in, and your birthday for the password. 


Phone help:

Call (562) 437- 2859 from 4PM to 6PM Monday through Thursday to speak with a LBUSD teacher.



I am available before school and after school most days, and at lunch Monday and Wednesday. 

Teachers are available in the library after school Tuesday through Thursday and before school Friday.

Class Rules


To ensure the success of all students it is important that students follow all school and classroom rules.  All students are expected to:

  • Be prompt and be here every day - students should be in their assigned seat ready to work when the bell rings, any absence should be cleared with a readmit and students should pick up missed work immediately.
  • Be prepared to work and learn - students should arrive with all of their supplies, and the assignment complete
  • Be polite to all people in the room - students should respect all students right to learn, the teachers right to teach, respect school and other peoples property.


Failure to keep the rules may result in one or more of the following:

  • being sent to OCS
  • conference with teacher and student outside of class time
  • detention before school, after school, or at lunch
  • E-mail or phone call home
  • conference with teacher and parent
  • referral to administrator
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