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John Ottina

Great Opportunity to Improve Your Grade!

It is more important to note that even if a student currently has an F in the course, the student may be able to receive a much better grade at the end of the course. If the student does a good job on the assignments to be due and retakes any tests the student has not done well on, the student can improve their grade.

Conversely it also important to note that even if a student currently has an A in the course that it is possible for the student to fail the course. 

One should use the diligence and current grade of the student to assess the possibility of the student failing the course. Since projects, participation grades, class work, portfolios, and the final for the semester are still due, it is possible that a student that does not turn these in will fail even if they have an A in the course currently. 

Therefore every student has received a comment of “In danger of failing” on their progress report.  Remember with due diligence all students have the possibility of earning a good grade. 


Mr. John M. Ottina

Mathematics Department and CTE Department

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