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Toni Crawford

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Syllabus CBI

Lakewood High School

Community Based Instruction Syllabus


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Please sign and return page 3 for student credit.


Texts:  AGS


Course Goals: from LBUSD Curriculum Office


1.   Kindly follow directions and show respect for all students and adults.

2.   Be in seat by the time the bell rings.

3.   Use appropriate language in class. No swearing, putdowns or teasing.

4.   No talking during teacher instruction unless when raising hand and being acknowledged to respond.

5.   Bring materials needed every day to class. (a pen or pencil, eraser and paper).



1.   Verbal warning, loss of behavior points

2.   Student teacher conference at end of class, loss of behavior points

3.   Referral, call home, send to administrator, loss of behavior points

4.   Referral, call home, send to administrator, suspension


Electronics are allowed for use at Lakewood High School but not during class time. Students will be asked to keep electronics silent and out of sight. Electronics will be confiscated if a problem continues. Devices will be returned at end of class period, or at end of day if usage is a chronic problem. In some rare cases, a parent may be asked to retrieve device in office.  Phones and iPods are allowed to be used in class to listen to music (turned down low) during silent reading, journal and essay writing as this can assist some students in tuning out noise and distractions around them. Students are notified when it is okay to use these devices.



90-100%  A

79- 89%   B

69- 78%   C

57- 68%   D

56 & below   F

Daily points (10) given for attendance, effort, participation and preparation. Good behavior plays a large part of this daily point earning.

Daily class work, home home

homework and weekly points count for approximately 70% of grade.

Quizzes and tests count for approximately 20%. Mid term and final exams count for 10% or less of semester and final grade.

All class work, homework and tests can be made up by end of each quarter.  Participation class work and quizzes may not always be able to be made up.


Work will not be accepted incomplete.  Students should ask for help if they don’t understand a portion of the assignment.

Missing work requiring participation may be excused if absence is excused. 

Missing work requiring reading/writing must be made up.

All work will be accepted late. Deadlines are last day of quarterly grading periods before quarter test.

Attendance Points (2) are earned daily if student is on time, in seat with pencil, homework and prepared to work.

Behavior Points (4) are earned daily if there are no infractions

(examples - disrupting by talking, swearing, bothersome noises and actions, cell phone use, putdowns, bullying) . Disrespect of anyone in room will not be tolerated. Referrals will be written.

Effort Points (4) are earned daily as student listens, follows instructions, reads and writes as directed through lessons.


All students need a spiral or bound notebook (journal) of approx. 100 pages. Pens and pencils are needed and an eraser. Markers, colored pencils and art supplies are available for use in class. Please treat books and supplies well so they are available for others to use. Student is responsible for supplies needed at home to complete projects. If a student needs to borrow supplies please ask. Students may choose to send a pack of pencils, pens or erasers to be kept a school in my desk. Please write name on the package.


Extra credit assignments are given sporadically. 10 points can be earned by sending in a large box of Kleenex, apackage of hand wipes, or a large bottle of hand sanitizer in an effort to keep us healthy!  10 points of extra credit can be earned when a parent/guardian or older sibling (18 and older) attends Back to School Night, 10/3 or Open House, 3/27.








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Thank you, Ms. Crawford, Period 4  Community Based Instruction



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