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David West

Biology Course Syllabus



4400 Briercrest Avenue

Lakewood, California  90713

(562) 425-1281




Mr. West

Room 826
Conference Time:  07:50-08:58, Before School, Lunch, After School
562.425.1281  ex: 3325



Text(s):  Biology, Prentice Hall

Other Recommended Materials:

Three ring binder, (Biology only notebook) with paper, Calculator (optional, but recommended), Black or Blue pens (work done in any other colors will not be accepted), and pencils.



This course is a standards-based study of living things: origins, structures, functions, heredity, growth and development, interactions among, and behavior of living things.  Content is built around major biological concepts such as biochemistry and the biology of cells, genetics, evolution, ecology, physiologic systems, and the diversity of living things.  Emphasis is placed on the utilization of mathematical, analytical, data acquisition, and communication skills as well as interdisciplinary approaches to discovery.  Concepts and skills are reinforced by a strong emphasis on hands-on laboratory experiences and the integration of other branches of science.  Applications to society, individuals, and the utilization of technology are included, as is consideration of the impact of human activity on biological systems.


This course will meet the “d” or “g” entrance requirement for the

University of California and California State University systems.

NCAA Approved




Students will learn all of the required California State Standards for Biology/Life Sciences.

• Students will improve their ability to learn independently by drawing generalizations from science related articles, books, graphs, charts, and diagrams.

• Students will study the applications of biology to ecological, medical, commercial, and ethical issues to develop critical thinking skills, as they apply to decision making in both societal and personal contexts.









All Students will receive a chapter packet for each chapter.  These packets are due the day of the quiz.  It is the students’ responsibility to complete the packet at home or in class as time permits.  I accept late work one day after the due date and will access a 30% penalty on the final score.




An acceptable rate of attendance in the business world is 98%.  This translates to no more than 1 absence per school quarter.




1. Two truancies in a quarter or three truancies in a semester may result in a conduct grade of “U”.

2. Three times in OCS in a quarter or five times in a semester may result in a conduct grade of “U”.

3. Five absences in a quarter without written parental approval, may result in a lower academic grade because of lack of class participation.  This excludes extra curricular school-related activities.


Makeup work: Students will be allowed to make up all assignments missed due to an:


Excused absence: The student will have the number of days missed plus one to complete the assignment.  No assignments can be made up for unexcused absences.


Missed Exams: If a quiz, test or exam is missed due to an excused absence, the student will take the exam the first day they return.


Missed labs: Most labs cannot be made up.  If a lab is missed the student may receive a “0” for the lab or given an alternate assignment.



The course grade will be determined by classwork, quizzes, and laboratory components.


Grading will be as follows:


100-90% = A

89-80%   = B

79-70%   = C

69-60%   = D

<60%      = F


Grades will be updated on online at least once a week but generally more often.




            As a student at Lakewood High School, you join a community of students who are

            committed to excellence in learning.  We assume that students will pursue their studies with

            integrity and honesty; however, all students should know that incidents of academic

            dishonesty are taken very seriously.  When students are caught cheating or plagiarizing, a

            process is begun that may result in severe consequences.


Cheating is the act of obtaining or attempting to obtain credit for academic work through    the use of dishonest, deceptive, or fraudulent means.


            Plagiarism is representing the work of someone else as your own and submitting it for any




  1. First Offense: All students involved will receive a zero on the assignment in question, the assignment will be listed in School Loop as “Cheated”.
  2. Second Offense: A letter will be sent home, and student(s) involved will be referred to their administrator.
  3. Third Offense in any family class: In addition to the consequences for the second offense, student(s) will be suspended from the class for three (3) days.


 Bathroom/Nurse Passes:


Each student is allowed 1 bathroom/nurse passes per quarter.  Each additional pass equals a five (5) minute detention the following morning.



This syllabus is a guide for the course and is subject to change with advanced notice



Current Assignments