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Español 5/6 – Sra. Acuña


Conference period: 1st period (7:50 - 8:48)

Textbook:  Realidades 3

Expectations and Explanation of Grades

Spanish 5-6 is intended for students who want to continue their study of the Spanish language to improve their proficiency in the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.  The focus this year will be on speaking.  It will take about one semester for you to feel comfortable, but you will be speaking very well by then.  Since the goal is to speak, I will conduct the class in Spanish and use English only for grammatical explanations or when I think you are not clear on what we’re doing.  It is important that you practice speaking or you will only understand the language but not be able to speak it.

Content Goal: We will learn a great deal of vocabulary this year plus work with the following verb tenses: present, preterite, imperfect, commands, present perfect, future, and subjunctive.


Your work in Spanish will fall into the following six categories:

30%    Tests/quizzes:  These demonstrate what you are capable of doing with the language.

10%    Final exam:  This comprehensive exam will test you on all the material taught throughout the year.

20%    Classwork:  This practice reinforces what is being learned during class time.

10%    Homework:  This practice is important to help reinforce the Spanish that is learned in class.  You cannot truly learn a foreign language without practicing outside of class.

10%    Notebook:  These classroom notes and your personal use of the information will be an excellent resource and study tool for tests and quizzes.

20%    Classroom participation:  It is necessary to participate in class to develop the skills to communicate in a foreign language, to be measured in participation points.  You must attend class in order to receive these valuable participation points. 


Homework Rules and Expectations

In order to learn the most and achieve the highest grade, it is of the utmost importance to complete all of

your homework carefully and thoroughly.  This work is to be done at home; thus the name: HOMEwork.

·Homework = Practice in Spanish to be done outside of class.  Occasionally an assignment is given in

English for the purpose of reflection or feedback.  Otherwise, all assignments are assumed to be in Spanish.

Some assignments include drawing pictures that show evidence of comprehension. 

·Homework will be assigned an average of four nights a week.  It is important to study every night.  If

no homework is assigned, you should be memorizing vocabulary and reviewing grammar notes.

·Homework is due at the beginning of the period.  Papers not ready for checking at this time will not be

given credit.  Students who skip classwork to try to complete last night’s homework will lose participation

points as well as receive an incomplete on that assignment.  Homework of “questionable origins” (copied!)

will receive no credit.

·Homework is due on time.  This rule will help you to prepare for a successful future.  Students who do

not learn to organize their time and complete work on time will have a difficult time holding down a job or

succeeding in college.  Homework that is left at home will be treated the same as homework not done. 

WHEN YOU ARE ABSENT:  Make-up work is your responsibility.  You will have the amount of days

you were absent plus an additional day to turn in any missed assignments.  You are responsible for calling

my attention to past assignments that need to be stamped on the homework calendar if you have an

excused absence.  (Homework will not receive credit after an unexcused absence.)  Pick up missed work in

the folders at the front of class; the homework calendar posted on the door at the front of the room will tell 

you of missed assignments.  I keep an updated calendar on School Loop also.  IMPORTANT:  If you

need to speak with me about missed work, please wait until after class or after school. 


Important Rules and Information

·Academic Integrity:  No credit will be given for work if plagiarism, cheating, or talking during quiz/test periods is observed.  Computer translations are prohibited.  Not only are they often inaccurate, they do not teach you anything.  I would rather have you write simple sentences with the Spanish that you know.  

·Materials:  Please have paper, your Notebook, a pencil and/or pen and highlighter in class every day. 

·Attendance and Participation:  Learning another language takes a lot of practice both at home and in

class.  When you miss class, you miss activities where you interact with others.  There really is no way to

make up this invaluable practice, so it is imperative that you attend class and pay attention.  You will

receive points for your effort and participation in class and group activities.  These participation points are

worth 20% of your grade.

·Hall passes:  The school schedule provides students with ample time to use the restroom and get a drink

or snack between classes.  Two bathroom passes will be passed out each quarter; you may give me one to

leave class for five minutes.  If you have not used your passes at the end of the quarter you may turn them

in to receive five extra credit points for each one.

·Food and drinks:  School rules prohibit eating, chewing gum or drinking in class.

·Make-up tests:  You must make up the test as soon as possible.  Make-up day is Wednesday at lunch in

this room or by appointment after school.  It is the student’s responsibility to arrange for a make-up test

and arrive within ten minutes of the lunch bell.  If no students show at that time, I may leave to eat or go to

the office and you will miss your chance.  A zero on a test lowers your grade significantly.  All quizzes and

tests will be averaged into your grade.  You must make up the test within a week of it being given.

This is so that you do not forget the material but also because I cannot pass back tests to the class until all

make-up tests have been completed.  This rule is not flexible.

·Learning a new language:  I know it seems scary at first, but you can become a fluent Spanish speaker if

you will:  participate orally every day, spend time on your homework, ask questions when you don’t

understand, study hard for tests (not just the night before but on a regular, ongoing basis) and most

importantly relax and have fun.  You will learn more and faster if you do not worry about mistakes when


Christina Acuna Locker