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Mrs. Causey

AVID Strategies Elective



AVID MISSION STATEMENT:  Avid's mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

Language Learning & the Brain

English Language Aquisition Committee
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To view an introduction to visualizing and verbalizing techniques used in the intensive reading clinic, click here:

Digital Literacy Defined

My 2018-19 Schedule

My Schedule
Period Subject

On a regular block schedule

(See school loop main page for more schedule information)

1 ELD Workshop 7:50-9:16 (Odd)
2 AVID Tutor 7:50-9:16 (Even)
3 Conference 9:32-11:02 (Odd)
4 AVID 9- HOSM 9:32-11:02 (Even)
5 ELD Coordinating 11:40-1:06 (Odd)
6 AVID 9-Odyssey 11:40-1:06 (Even)
7 Conference 1:14-2:40 (Odd)
8 AVID 9-DMAC & ATM  1:14-2:40 (Even)


Mrs. Causey:Rm. 95
me 2018