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Denise Scott

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Stratgies For Success Grades 9-12

      Strategies For Success

Course Syllabus



Resource Specialist:  Ms. Denise A. Scott                   Lakewood High School – Bungalow 14                   Telephone: 562-425-1281  Ext. 3185                            e-mail:

Conference period 3 (10:08-11:02am)


This course is designed to meet and assist the needs of students who are eligible for RSP services.  Our class goals include, but are not limited to:

  • Develop appropriate learning and school behaviors before, during and after school
  • Use a three ring binder to organize classroom materials
  • Use a planner to aid in classroom assignments and time management
  • Create and utilize an efficient and effective study environment
  • Secure bi-weekly grade checks from General Educators in order to monitor progress
  • Plan assignments effectively
  • Create  and utilize study guides in various academic areas
  • Prepare for the CAHSEE in Language Arts and Math
  • Develop action plans for academic success and for future careers
  • Strategies, strategies and more strategies

Although not inclusive, these are the goals that we will attempt to achieve for all students.


The following performance objectives will be reviewed:

School Behaviors                    Organization Skills                             Data Collection

Goal Setting                            Planning Assignments                         Note-Making

Brainstorming                         Participation in Discussions               Completing Assignments

                                                 Accessing Textbooks


During our fifty-five minute SFS class, the following daily schedule includes:

  • Planner Check- first 5 minutes of class
  • Directed Instruction and Strategies:  20-30 minutes
  • Academic Content Support: 25-35 minutes

Sometimes our SFS lesson will go for the whole period.  At times, we will have all period to work on content homework, projects and or tests.



  • Daily SFS points (attendance, homework, class work, behavior, on task, etc)               40%
  • Bi-weekly Notebook Check                                                                                                    10%
  • Daily Planner Check                                                                                                                10%
  • General Education Bi-weekly Grade Check                                                                        10%
  • Assessment (Essays, Quizzes, Tests, Projects, etc.)                                                          30%

Grading Scale: A=90-100%, B=80-89%, C=60-79%, D=50-59%, F=below 50%


LBUSD/Lakewood High School – Attendance and Disciplinary Procedures apply. 

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