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Mrs. Buell

English 1-2, and Accelerated

Attendance, Absences, Late Work Make-Ups:

It is YOUR responsibility to make up any work that you missed – email me at

Time frame for turning in late work:

if you miss a day, you have a day to make up the work with full credit for an excused absence. You MUST contact me to receive an excuse for participation points and to earn a potential of maximum of points on your assignment.   

Class Rules:

1. Follow directions 2. Be accountable for your actions 3. Be prepared

4. Respect everything and everyone, and the 5 P’s (Polite, Prepared, Productive, Prompt, Patient)

Points for daily participation earned are for those following each rule completely. These points are cumulative and issued weekly. We follow the Lakewood High School PBIS Matrix (Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies).


Contact Information:

E-mail address – or Telephone – (562) 425-1281 ext. 3248


Romeo and Juliet
Current Assignments

1. Remember to check Google Classroom for updated assignments.

2. Return your borrowed Library book by the due date.

3. Turn in all late and approved (absent) work. 

Class Objectives:

This year we will focus on developing key reading strategies, Common Core State Standards, (especially) writing strategies/skills to accomplish an in-depth writing compilation/portfolio demonstrating skills that are crucial to your success in the world. These skills will help prepare the students for AP courses. Students also receive instruction in the conventions of written

language, reading strategies, effective oral communication and research techniques. 


Course Descriptions:

This course, aligned to the Common Core State Standards, is designed to provide 9th grade students instruction in both literary and informational texts that is more rigorous and challenging than regular course work in order to prepare them better for AP Language and Composition in their junior year and/or AP Literature and Composition in their senior year, as well as AP Capstone Seminar and Research. It also serves to support all content area AP courses which require extensive text analysis and writing. The course develops college- ready skills in essay composition and critical thinking through response in three writing genres: argumentative, expository, and narrative. Writing instruction and carefully-designed prompts aim at enabling students to express complex and interrelated ideas with clarity and a mature, sophisticated style. Regular feedback on written assignments in response to analyzing text is essential to the success of an accelerated level course. This course includes a comprehensive final examination which addresses the range of content learned during the year. The format of this assessment will allow students to practice next-generation assessment formats such as selected response, short constructed response, and written response, requiring substantive evidence, to grade level texts. Reading and writing sections of the assessment will highlight the connectivity between the two, while the grammar and mechanics sections will assess an authentic application of these skills. 



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