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4-year Sequence

Using Information Technology 

Exploring Computer Science 

Product Design 

Mechanical and Robotic Programming

4-year Sequence

Introduction to Digital Media Arts & Communication 

Graphic Design 

Digital Photography 

Advanced Media Production 

4-year Sequence

Introduction to the Theatre 

Advanced Theatre 

Theory and Style 

The Art of Improv 

3-year Sequence

Health and Career Exploration 

Healthcare Analysis 

Sports Medicine 


Emergency Medical Responder

2-year Sequence

Ocean Enterprises through Computer Applications 

Management of Aquatic Life & Animals 

Industry Sectors

Software and Systems Development

Students in the Software and Systems Development pathway prepare for careers related to computer science that involve the design, development, implementation, maintenance, and management of systems that rely on software programs to satisfy the operational needs of modern business organizations. Persons with expertise in systems development and programming are critical to support operations like electronic commerce, medical records management, retail sales and inventory management, digital entertainment, and use of energy


Design, Visual and Media Arts

The Design, Visual, and Media Arts pathway includes those occupations that use visual art, digital media, and Web-based tools and materials as the primary means of communication and expression. In addition to an understanding of current workplace practice, this career pathway requires the development of knowledge and skills in both visual art concepts as well as new and emerging digital processes by which individuals are able to create and communicate complex concepts in a broad range of occupations and professions.

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts pathway focuses on the direct creation of art and entertainment by the individual artist instead of through a secondary physical medium. Performing artists are themselves the medium of creative expression.

Patient Care

The standards for the Patient Care pathway apply to occupations or functions involved in the prevention, treatment, and management of illness and the preservation of mental and physical well-being through the services offered by the medical and allied health professions. The standards specify the knowledge and skills needed by professional and technical personnel pursuing careers in this pathway.







Animal Science

In the Animal Science pathway, students study large, small, and specialty animals. Students explore the necessary elements, such as diet, genetics, habitat, and behavior, to create humane, ecologically, and economically sustainable animal production systems. The pathway includes the study of animal anatomy and physiology, nutrition, reproduction, genetics, health and welfare, animal production, technology, and the management and processing of animal products and by-products.

Applied Technology Magnet School
Digital media Arts & Communications
Health Occupations & Sports M