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Port of Long Beach Internship

Are you looking to jump start your career? High school internships are a great way to get hands-on work experience while exploring careers and earning a paycheck! High school internships are available to current high school juniors and seniors in the Long Beach Unified School District service area. The Port’s eight-week program offers real work experience and mentoring for those interested in careers in international trade and related fields.


The 2018 Summer High School Internship program applications is available above. Applicants must download and submit a typed application. Submitted applications require student and parent/guardian signature.

Deadline: To be considered, applications must be submitted in person to Pacific Gateway by Thursday, March 1, 2018, at 6 p.m.


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Youth Jobs Programs

Pacific Gateway's Youth program offers year-round services that connect you with the skills and information to get part-time, full-time, and seasonal employment with numerous area employers.  The Youth program focuses on part-time jobs and internships.  Come to the Youth Opportunity Center to learn about how to get started, and review a list of companies currently hiring.


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Work-Based Learning

ATM Opportunities

Earn college and high school credit at the same time at LBCC.  These courses have been carefully selected as extensions to what students are taking at Lakewood High School.  These are hands-on courses that provide students the chance to practice building industry skills in preparation for certifications.

Prerequisite: Exploring Computer Science 

Courses: COSN 5 Computer Hardware, COSN 10 Networking Fundamentals, BCOM 15 Business Communications 

Students are strongly encouraged to wait until their junior year to begin dual enrollment.  Students also need to maintain a 2.0 at LBCC and should be in high academic standing at Lakewood High School.

Remember, these are college courses; so be prepare for the workload, attendance expectations, transportation issues, etc. 

LBCC enrollment

Enroll into LBCC

- This includes the LBCC online admission

- Online orientation

- The LBUSD dual enrollment form


DMAC Opportunities

Students in DMAC's capstone Advanced Media Production course will acquire skills to create original work, in-school projects, and service projects while collaborating with peer experts, teachers, and industry partners. The technical quality of students’ skills should be consistent with the standards established by industry partners. They will be expected to refine their skills to presentation level. Students will research, develop, and produce project plans to promote original media productions and online presence that will be marketed and distributed to the school, community, and festivals.  

HOSM Opportunities

Odyssey Opportunities

Students in Odyssey's capstone course the Management of Aquatic Life and Animals, provides students with classroom instruction and extensive field experience and training for entry level skills in the animal care field such as community animal shelters, kennels, zoos, pet shops, grooming shops, trainer’s assistants, veterinary hospitals, horse stables, aquariums and marine rescue facilities. This course includes instruction and significant first-hand experience and career opportunities in the aquatic and terrestrial animal care fields. Course includes: opportunities in the animal care field, safety, animal behavior, animal restraint, first aid, immunology, vaccinations and disease, terminology, sanitation, physiology, nutrition and health, aquatic life, domestic breeds and general care.