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Pathway Teacher Resources

The following links should serve as a crosswalk between Common Core and Career Tech Ed.  The purpose of publishing these is to provide information how the Pathways at Lakewood High School offer support in Common Core instruction through a specific point of engagement found within the theme of the pathway. 

Linked Learning Approach

Applied Technology Magnet Resources

ATM Logo

Applied Technology Magnet is a rigorous and accelerated curriculum focusing on informatics; and what it means to live, build, and work in a digital world. Students will consider the interactions between humans and information systems, and how both have been shaped by the continual evolution of technology from social media to “big data”. Upon completion students will have received hands-on experiences that are aligned with accelerated and Advanced Placement classes to strengthen the ties between technology and humans! ATM students will have the opportunity to complete the required technical core classes; for each grade level that will provide the knowledge, real-world training, and opportunities to prepare them for the fastest growing careers.


Entrance Criteria: 2.5 G.P.A. with interest in technology


Link to CDE Curriculum cross walk found on Pages 21-34 of Guide (PDF)

Digital Media, Arts and Communications

DMAC LogoDigital Media Arts and Communication (DMAC) is a vibrant and exciting pathway that includes opportunities in Film, Photography, Graphic Design, Dance, Vocal Music, Visual Arts, Instrumental Music, Drama and Improv. Students will engage in creativity, collaboration and creation while increasing their technical expertise in front of and behind the camera, on the stage, and in the studio. DMAC prepares students to pursue their talents in an ever-changing world, while sharpening their skills in teamwork, discipline, organization, accountability, and immersion in the creative process. DMAC is an open pathway and welcomes all Lakewood students to participate in the visual and performing arts.


Link to CDE Curriculum cross walk found on Pages 22-41 of Guide (PDF)

Health Occupations & Sports Medicine

HOSM LogoHealth Occupations and Sports Medicine (HOSM) is specifically designed for students with a passion for healthcare or sports medicine. The highly specialized and detailed science curriculum is infused throughout to meet the academic and career needs of students interested in health, wellness, and medical careers complete with work-based learning experiences. Students will have many opportunities to develop various skills and gain certifications through challenging hands-on, real-world, academic and technical classes. HOSM will provide the necessary tools for students to succeed in a four year university, a two year college, a vocational/technical school or a career straight out of high school.

Link to CDE Curriculum cross walk found on Pages 32-58 of Guide (PDF)

Odyssey Academy

Odyssey LogoOdyssey Academy is a creative and academically challenging program, which provides cross-curricular projects and field trips with a focus on marine industry careers. Odyssey is committed to advancing the total personal and academic literacy of students by preparing them for success at the university level and on their path to a career. Our time-tested marine related curriculum incorporates 21st Century Skills that promote learning real-world skills at a personal and public level essential for living in a global community. The ocean theme is seen both inside the classroom and through Odyssey's internships in worked-based learning classes connecting with community business partners and local aquariums.

Link to CDE Curriculum cross walk found on Pages 31-46 of Guide (PDF)

Merit Scholars

Merit Scholars LogoMerit Scholars As a Secondary Specialized Program, Merit Scholars is a rigorous college preparatory program committed to preparing students for entrance into a 4-year college/university through a rigorous Advanced Placement Capstone course of study which includes the integration of research, service, and communication. Merit Scholars’ curriculum exceeds the UC/CSU A-G admission requirements, requiring students to take a minimum of five Advanced Placement courses and the opportunity to earn the AP Capstone Diploma. Accepted applicants will be placed in Accelerated, Honors, and Advanced Placement classes led by experienced teachers committed to academic and individual development and giving students a competitive edge in the collegiate admissions process.

Entrance Criteria: 3.0 G.P.A., 2500 ELA SBAC score and taken algebra

SAT Suite of Assessments - Teacher Implementation Guide (PDF)