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Technical Challenges and District Links



LBUSD Tech Support

Need Tech Help With Your District Device?

If you need support with your student’s current district-issued Chromebooks or hotspots, please call (562) 315-8083, this will connect you to our district technology services branch.

 For some immediate tech-assistance see the information below. 

 For Chromebooks: 

If a user is unable to log into their Chromebook today, then the problem might be due to the iBoss network security issue the district experienced.  The iBoss situation is reported to be corrected but if a user continues to experience an inability to log in despite using their correct credentials, then they should perform the following steps:

1.       Shut down the Chromebook completely.

2.       Turn the Chromebook back on and try logging in again.


If a user is able to log in but unable to access district content (Canvas, Student portal applications, etc.), then they should perform the following:

1.       Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of their browser.

2.       Click on “Settings.”

3.       Click on “About Chrome” near the bottom left corner.

4.       “Check for Updates” on the next screen and “Relaunch” when the button appears.

This will update the Chromebook's OS and allow for current content to be displayed.


Canvas Parent Support Page 

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