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College Shirt Day Thursdays
College Shirt Day Thursdays
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    Merit Scholars


    “Our pathway leads to scholarship…

    Our pathway leads to service…our pathway leads to success…

    Our pathway leads to college!”

    Merit Scholars have been accepted and earned scholarships to prestigious colleges and universities across the country.



    A community of academic scholarship and leadership, empowering students to thrive in a diverse, dynamic, global environment.


    The Merit Scholars program supports scholars through a rigorous Advanced Placement Capstone course of study through the integration of research, service and communication preparing Merit Scholars for success in top universities and a competitive, global economy.  

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    For the Class of 2018

    158 of our 168 Merit Scholar Students have taken at least one Advanced Placement course.

    *The AP program opportunities start at the tenth grade with AP World History being the “gateway” course for Lakewood students. 

    36.8% of our Merit Scholar Sophomores passed the AP Exam with a score of 3 or higher; the LBUSD average for the 2016 exam is 35.3%.

    For the Class of 2017

    SBAC Scores for English Language Arts:  91.0 (60.7 points above the LBUSD “at-risk mark”.)

    SBAC Scores for Mathematics:  63.1 (52.2 points above the LBUSD “at-risk” mark.)

    For the Class of 2016

    164 Merit Scholar Graduates

    93 were accepted into the CSU system, 65 into CSU Long Beach.

    31 were accepted into the UC system, 10 into UCLA and 9 into Irvine.

    32 were accepted into private and out-of-state colleges and universities including:

    Stanford, University of Southern California, Brandeis, Texas A & M, Brigham Young, St. John’s, Arizona State, University of Hawaii, University of Oregon, Mount St. Mary’s, Redlands.

    How do you join “our pathway to college”?

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    Entrance Requirements for  Merit Scholars

    • A minimum SBAC score of 2500 in English Language Arts
    • A 3.3 grade-point-average
    • Enrollment in Algebra 1 in eighth grade.

    Features and Benefits

    • Merit Scholars can take advantage of all of Lakewood High School’s educational and extracurricular opportunities.
    • The Merit Scholars Program pathway is actively supported by administration, faculty, and counselors as students discover their academic potential.
    • Upon graduation the Merit Scholar will have satisfied the UC/CSU A-G entrance requirements.
    • Upon graduation the Merit Scholar will wear a white cord designating the student’s college preparatory pathway.


     Merit Scholars  Medal of Distinction:

    AP Seminar and Research Courses

    Plus FOUR other other Advanced Placement classes
    Complete four years of Math through PreCalculus or AP Statistics
    Complete at least three years of World Language
    Complete at least three years of Science

    Earn a minimum 3.30 cumulative unweighted academic grade point average by the end of the first semester of senior year
    Minimum 40 hours logged Service Learning Hours




    Merit Scholars are recognized quarterly for their classroom endeavors.  Each year there is a Merit Scholars banquet in May; this gathering celebrates a student’s exceptional classroom work for the entire school year.  Upon graduation Merit Scholars are awarded their “Medals of Distinction” to wear and complement their White “program-pathway” cords.  They also are distinguished by their golden AP hoods that announce their participation in the AP national college preparatory program.

    Merit Scholars AP Capstone Diploma

                                               AP Capstone Diploma

    Merit Scholars students have the opportunity to earn the College Board AP Capstone Diploma by earning scores of 3 or higher on AP Seminar and AP Research and on four additional AP Exams of their choosing.  

    Students who earn scores of 3 or higher in AP Seminar and AP Research but not on four additional AP Exams will receive the AP Seminar and Research Certificate. To find out more about the AP Capstone program, visit the official College Board website. 




    AP Courses



    Merit Scholars
    Merit Scholars

    Merit Scholar Lead Teacher

    Nichole McDaniel

    Ext. 3289

    Contact Christina Acuna  Christina Acuna World Language
    Contact R Anderson  R Anderson ex: 3110 Counselor - Merit
    Contact Christina Boggan  Christina Boggan Teacher
    Contact Jonathan Brandts  Jonathan Brandts English
    Contact Lisa Busch  Lisa Busch Social Studies
    Contact Lisa Cangro  Lisa Cangro ex: 3192 AP Coordinator
    Contact Cory Clarke  Cory Clarke ex: 3235 Social Studies
    Contact Victor De La Loza  Victor De La Loza Science
    Contact Janelle Deutschman  Janelle Deutschman Teacher
    Contact Mr. Esparza  Mr. Esparza Math
    Contact Mr. Gjonovich  Mr. Gjonovich (562) 425-1281 ex: 3331 Math
    Contact Melinda Jordan  Melinda Jordan ex: x3259 Teacher
    Contact Johanna Knox  Johanna Knox PE
    Contact Ms. Magana  Ms. Magana English
    Contact Nichole McDaniel  Nichole McDaniel Foreign Language
    Contact Sean McWhorter  Sean McWhorter Social Studies
    Contact Mary O'Halloran  Mary O'Halloran (562) 425-1281 ex: 3340 Math Department Head
    Contact David West  David West (562) 425-1281 ex: 3325 Science