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9th Grade Odyssey

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Freshman Year Odyssey

As a ninth grade Odyssey student in English, one can expect to read 3-4 major pieces of literature to include: The Odyssey, by Homer, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Romeo and Juliet. Moreover high school students complete timed writing pieces regularly, about once a week, along with 4 processed papers per year. A student in the Odyssey English class may expect a variety of creative assignments including art-work, leadership activities, along with group and class discussions in order to demonstrate competency.  One may read short stories along with novels as a way of examining author, character, and audience perspectives.

Together with the Physical Oceanography teacher, we will work on environmental studies of LA river pollution and produce a poster in an effort to teach the community of our findings. We will also coordinate a field trip that entails a visit to Cabrillo museum/aquarium where multiple labs and activities will be conducted on the water quality of our local beaches.  

A Behind the Scenes Look at Mr. Stevens

Mr. Stevens Odyssey teacherMr. Stevens is the 9th grade Physical Oceanography teacher in Odyssey Academy.  For many who do not know him, Mr. Stevens is a man of mystery--one whom is serious and focused on the sciences.  But believe it or not this 9th grade science teacher does have a life outside of school. 

This scientist discovered a new type of whale species approximately 15 years ago.  Recently, his discovery was displayed at the Hall of Mammals in a prestigious museum.  Before becoming a teacher, Mr. Stevens was a paleontologist with 13 years of experience and it was his love for fossils that lead him into a life of teaching. 

Mr. Stevens has been married about 20 years.  He and his wife enjoy collecting rocks and fossils in their spare time.  Most of their finds are displayed in their front yard.  Along with collecting fossils this renaissance man also rides a motorcycle to school: "If I drive my car everyday then I get really frustrated."  Who knew that such a quiet science teacher would lead such an adventurous life?