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You will have to setup an account with the Varsity Esports site, and then click the link again to navigate to our team.  We are listed as Lancer eSports Team.


Do You Play?  Want to Compete?

Come join Lakewood's eSports Club.  We are currently making teams to compete in the games you see here.  Competition starts in March.

League Play Starts march 18

Competition will be March 18 through May 10.  Participation is one day a week (reference game/day to the right) at 5:00PM our time.  Sign up now in room 703, and come to the meetings Tuesdays at lunch.

Helpful links

lakewood high teams

Dragonball FighterZ

Christopher Cruz, Joey Croswhite, 

Rainbow Six Siege

Team 1: David Dias, Hendrix Yim, Cody Lore, Ethan Carter, Matthew K

Team 2: Dylan Chun, Ethan Chun, Correy Farr, Alec Lazarith, Matthew B

Rocket League

Team 1: Tona Orozco, Alexis Robles, Bryan Chhorb

Super Smash Bros.

Kameron Perry, Will C, Marco G, Zachary Chalmers, Devin W, Riley S, Elizabeth H, Michael D, Kyl L, Mhico L, Christopher Cruz, 


 Joseph G, Tony Hoang, Matthew Valero, Christopher L, Ezequeil R