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School Profile

SCHOOL PROFILE 2019-2020 CEEB Code: 051347


School and Community


Lakewood High School (LHS) is a large comprehensive public school located in Lakewood, California, and is part of the Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD) in south Los Angeles County. Opened in 1957, the school enrolls almost 3,400 students in grades nine through twelve. Fifty-eight percent of our students are categorized as socio-economically disadvantaged, five percent are English language learners, and ten percent of our students have disabilities. Our mascot is the Lancer, and our school colors are red and white. LHS is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. LBUSD has a school-of-choice policy whereby students from across the district may apply to attend special programs at any of its ten high schools.


In an effort to personalize the education of such a large school population, all students are enrolled in Pathways. All Pathways provide courses that fulfill university admissions requirements and have Linked Learning components.


  • Merit Scholars is a rigorous college-preparatory program with a course-of-study exceeding UC/CSU admission requirements. The Merit Scholars program is committed to preparing students for university-level work.
  • Applied Technology Magnet (ATM) prepares students for college and careers in information technology. Students learn how to utilize technology to become creators, fixers, and analyzers.
  • Digital Media, Arts, and Communications (DMAC) increases students’ creativity and technical expertise through film, photography, graphic design, drama, music, and dance while integrating a rigorous industry-approved curriculum.
  • Odyssey Academy is a creative and academically challenging program which provides engaging cross-curricular projects and field trips with a focus on marine studies.
  • Health Occupations and Sports Medicine (HOSM) is designed for students with a passion for healthcare or sports medicine, using challenging hands-on, real world, academic and technical classes.



School Diversity


LHS educates a diverse student population:





Starting with the 2017-2018 school year, we transitioned to a 4x4 block schedule from a traditional six period day. Ninth and tenth grade students typically take seven classes while eleventh and twelfth grades are encouraged to take six, allowing upper graders the opportunity to take courses at a community college, to gain work experience, or to expand upon their community service experiences.


California has transitioned to the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC).


California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP)

2017-2018 Percent of Students who Met or Exceeded Standards



‘15-’16 ’16-’17 ’17-‘18 ’15-’16 ’16-‘17 ’17-‘18 ’15-‘16 ’16-’17 ’17-‘18

English Language Arts (Grade 11) 65 64 51 45 48 49 48 48 56

Mathematics (Grade 11) 33 29 24 38 38 27 36 37 31



We are proud of our 93% graduation rate (Class of 2018) using the Local Control Funding Formula, putting us well ahead of both district (85%) and state (84%) averages. With a graduating class of 776 students, 52% were on track to meet university admissions requirements. Keeping in mind that LBUSD encourages a college-going culture, and as such requires all juniors to take the SAT, in 2017-2018, 64% met ELA benchmarks and 38% met Math benchmarks. On the ACT, 49% scored at or above 21.


We offer an extensive and growing Advanced Placement (A.P.) program with an open access policy, as well as honors and accelerated courses. We do not limit the number of A.P. or honors classes a student can take. During the 2019-2020 school year, we offer:


AP English Language

AP English Literature

AP World History

AP US History

AP US Gov’t & Pol.

AP Macroeconomics

AP Psychology

AP Calculus AB

AP Statistics


AP Computer Sci. A

AP Comp. Sci. Principles

AP Biology

AP Chemistry

AP Physics 1

AP Environmental Sci.

AP Spanish Language

AP Spanish Literature

AP French Language


AP Studio Art, 2D Design

AP Seminar

AP Research

Honors English 5-6

Honors US History

Honors Anatomy/Physiology

Honors Chemistry

Honors Pre-Calculus



Grading and Class Rank


LHS uses a traditional grading system. Students earn grades of A, B, C, D, or F. A grade of D is considered passing for high school credit. Un-weighted grade points are assigned on the basis of A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0. Weighted grade points are assigned to A.P. and honors classes with A=5, B=4, C=3, D=1, F=0.


  • Total GPA includes all classes taken 9th-12th, un-weighted.
  • Academic GPA excludes physical education as well as other non-academic classes, grades 9-12, un-weighted.
  • University GPA includes 10th-12th college-preparatory classes only, and uses a weighted scale.


It is the policy of the Long Beach Unified School District and its schools to not rank students based on grade point average or any other criteria.


Campus Life


Students are encouraged to become active outside of the classroom for a more well-rounded high school experience. LHS offers twenty-four sports and more than ninety clubs and organizations, as well as a full music and performing arts program.


College-Going Culture


LHS promotes a college-going culture on campus, including both four-year universities and community colleges. For the Class of 2019, 58% of our seniors enrolled in community colleges, with 32% enrolling in four-year universities. The California School Dashboard’s College/Career Indicator classified 48% of our Class of 2018 as “Prepared”, a gain of 11 percentage points over the past two years, and 6% above the state average. LHS also recognizes the importance of preparing students to directly enter the work force. Our staff has been working hard to increase participation in Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes. In the 2019-2020 school year, 1,634 students are enrolled in CTE classes, with nineteen courses qualifying.


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