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  Mrs. Bauer (562) 425-1281 ex: 3320 Science
  Mrs. Bobo Science Teacher
  Rebecca Ford Science
  KRISTEN HARKE (562) 997-8000 ex: 3158 CTE
  A. Glover (562) 425-1281 ex: 3260 Science
  Yassaman Khairolomour Science
  Mr. Kumar (562) 425-1281 ex: 3315 Science
  Dolores Loera Science
  Russell "Myles" Loveall Science
  Randall Ludwig Science
  Jill Miller Science
  Keith Miller Department Head Science
  E Kumamato Science
  David Stevens Science
  Maria Torres (562) 425-1281 ex: 3326 Science
  Aaron Volkoff Science
  Anna Weber Science
  Mrs. Weller Science
  David West (562) 425-1281 ex: 3325 Science

Lakewood Science Teachers

Science Matters: Spotlight on our Science Teachers

Ms. Becky Ford

Ms. Ford is a 17 year veteran of Lakewood High School and is a proud Lancer graduate from the Class of 1994. Ms. Ford earned her Bachelor of Science Degree at UC Davis in Nutritional Science (and also completed Pre-Med requirements.) She also holds a Master's Degree from National University in Multicultural Education.  Ms. Ford is the Pathway Lead for HOSM (Health Occupations and Sports Medicine) and is a Co-Coordinator for Link Crew: Lakewood's spirit and new student orientation/support program/class.


Ms. Ford currently teaches Forensic Science and Nutrition in Medicine. In true Lakewood spirit, Ms. Ford's husband and son are part of the Lakewood family as well. Coach Ford is part of the wrestling coaching staff and Jake, Ms. Ford's oldest son, is a Lakewood HOSM 9th grader, is on the wrestling team and is involved in the NJROTC program.

Becky Ford


Ms. Lindsay Bobo

Ms. Bobo is a 13-year veteran teacher, all of them at Lakewood High School.  Ms. Bobo earned her Bachelor's degree in Biology Education from Cal State University, Long Beach (she attended the university as a Presidential Scholar) and her Master's Degree from Mississippi State University in Geoscience.  Ms. Bobo is the JV Tennis Coach at Lakewood and sponsor's three clubs for students to participate in: YELL Club, AP Biology Club, and Fairy Tale Anime Club.  Ms. Bobo is a National Board Certified teacher who has been honored as a Rotary Club Teacher of the Year and a USA Today Teacher Team Honorable Mention.  Ms. Bobo enjoys hiking, traveling, watching and playing sports, and most importantly spending time with her two small children and husband.  

Lindsay Bobo

Mr. Randy Ludwig

Mr. Ludwig is in his 32nd year of teaching Science, 31 of those years right here at Lakewood High School.  Mr. Ludwig earned his Bachelor's Degree at UCLA in Physcobiology.  Mr. Ludwig is a product of Long Beach Unified attending Birney Elementary, Hughes Junior High, and Poly High School.  Mr. Ludwig enjoys reading and watching movies.  

Mr. Keith Miller

Mr. Miller is a long-standing and respected veteran of Lakewood High School (although he did attend rival Millikan HS.)  He has been awarded PTSA Teacher of the Year in 2007, LHS PTSA Teacher of the Year also in 2007, and Lakewood City Chamber of Commerce Teacher of the Year in 2002.  Mr. Miller boasts a M.A., Anthropology from CSULB, a B.S. Marine Biology also from CSULB, and B.A. Anthropology from UCSB. He is credentialed to Life Science, Physical Science and Anthropology and has his National Board Certification for Professional Teaching Standards in Adolescent and Young Adults in Science.  


Mr. Miller is a published writer having co-authored "Using GIS in the Development of Science Standards Supporting Curriculum" with Michelle Kinzel and Steven Moore. Mr. Miller is seen biking to school daily (way to keep it green!) and is a staunch advocate for expanding science curriculum in the Long Beach High Schools.  He has been the Science Department chair for the last 20 years and is revered by his colleagues in science.  The resounding comment is "I couldn't do my job without Keith."  


Mr. Miller has rich educational experiences, he is adjunct faculty at CSULB (last 10 years,) associate faculty at Irvine Valley College (15 years,) a Master Teacher in LBUSD - training aspiring new teachers for the classroom, a mentor teacher in the district (12 years) and countless hours of curriculum and lesson development to enhance the science education for students - not only through the district, but through state and local science teacher conferences.  


In his free time he likes to ride his bike, hike, and snorkel.  

Mr. Dave West

Mr. West has been an educator for 24 years - all 24 at Lakewood High School.  He earned his Bachelor of Science degree at Cal Poly, SLO and has a Masters of Art in Education from Grand Canyon University with teaching credentials in both Life and Physical Science.  At Lakewood, Mr. West is the club advisor to the Anime Club and is a member of the SPEAC Committee.  Prior to education, he worked in the private industry: Gallo Wines, Haagen Daaz Creamery, and Guardian Glass Manufacturing.  Mr. West enjoys muscle cars, Bonsai trees and electronics.  

Dave West

Ms. Ellen Noble

Ms. Noble has been teaching for 14 years, 13 of those years at Lakewood High School.  Ms. Noble earned her Bachelor of Science at Chapman University in Exercise Physiology and her Master's of Art in Curriculum and Instruction at Concordia University, she holds teaching credentials in Health Education and Science. Ms. Noble is a product of the Long Beach Unified School system having attended: Fremont Elementary, Rogers Junior High, and Wilson High School.  At Lakewood she is the club advisor to the Make a Wish Club.  Ms. Noble enjoys watching her children play soccer and she likes to travel.  

Ellen Noble

Ms. Kam Weller

Ms. Weller has been teaching for 24 years - all 24 years at Lakewood High School.  She earned her Bachelor's of Art at Cal State Long Beach in Kinesiology and her Master's of Art in Education at Azusa Pacific.  Ms. Weller has teaching credentials in Physical Education, Life Science, and a CTE credential in HSMT.  She is also a National Board Certified Teacher.  


Ms. Weller has been the Athletic Trainer for 25 of her 26 years at Lakewood. She is the medical coverage for all the home varsity sports sans football. (Although she was the coverage for football for 15 seasons.)  Ms. Weller is a certified Athletic Trainer and Certified Physical Therapy Assistant.  She is also an instructor for First Aid and CPR.  Ms. Weller is in the Odyssey Pathway, and teaches Biology and Sports Medicine, she is also Sports Medicine Club Advisor.  


Ms. Weller enjoys outdoor activity including mountain biking and skiing.