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Conditioning Schedule
Fall sports paperwork

Conditioning Schedule

All paperwork listed MUST be signed and turned in to your coach BEFORE your student is eligible to condition on campus.

Rules for On Campus Conditioning

1. Coaches must meet athlete's at the gate to enter campus. They must enter through the sports gate/walk through gate on the north side of campus.

2. Coaches must have all paperwork in order for athlete's to attend.

3. Coaches must take roll and keep the attendance sheets in case someone is exposed to Covid.

4. Any program running 4pm-6pm coaches must screen own athletes.

5. No sharing of water and all water fountains are closed.

6. No weight room or locker room access.

7. No sharing of equipment

8. Athlete's must face masks on as they enter and exit campus. They must also be on when they are not doing conditioning. Once practice is over all athlete's must leave campus immediately.